Grade 7/8 Girls Soccer

2018 Commissioner:  Kelly Rimmer   Colquitz

Website will be updated with 2018 season details in early September


2017 League Commissioner:  Pat Chambers – North Saanich –

  • Game start time is 3:45 and game day is Wednesday
  • games start at 3:45, 4:25 and 5:05. Detailed schedules are emailed to coaches  by Commissioner as they become available
  • Following is a list of tournaments hosts and participating schools

Tournament Schedule for Girls Grade 7/8 Soccer

Detailed schedules are available from your school ( they are subject to revision at the last moment)
Coaches please confirm all games the day before the tournament.

information as of September 20th :

Recreation Division:

Wednesday  September  27
Site 1: Glanford (1 field) Participating teams:                                Glanford, St Margarets, North Saanich,
 Site 2: Lansdowne (2 fields) Participating teams:                     Lansdowne, Colquitz, SMUS, Cedar Hill
Wednesday October 18
Site 1: Glanford (2 fields) Participating teams:                           Glanford, SMUS, Colquitz, North Saanich CANCELLED 
Site2: Lansdowne (1 field)  Participating teams:                Lansdowne, Cedar Hill, St. Margaret’s CANCELLED 

Competitive Division: 

Wednesday September 27
Site 1: Gordon Head (2 fields) Participating teams:                                Gordon Head, Royal Oak, Dunsmuir, Monterey, Spencer
Wednesday October 18
 Site 1: Gordon Head (2 fields) Participating teams:                                Gordon Head, Royal Oak, Dunsmuir, Monterey, Spencer CANCELLED 

2016 Coach List

Name School Phone(250) E-mail
Dawn Christy
Michelle Troughton
Shoreline 386-8367
Nancy Mollenhauer SMUS 592-3549
Jeremy Ross
Shawn Edwards
Gordon Head 477-1855
Mikedas McManus
Royal Oak 479-7128
James Rhodes Cathedral Christian
Duncan Brice
Tassy Davidson
GNS 370-6811
 Donna Holmmwood St Margarets 479-7171
 Louie Sciglilano Glanford 479-7179
Leanne Bilous Spencer 474-1291
Nikita Mcelgunn North Saanich 478-5571
Kelly Rimmer Colquitz 479-1678
Meghan Caldwell Dunsmuir 478-5548
Stephanie Simpson Bayside 652-1135



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