LIMSSA Contacts

2019/2020 LIMSSA Executive

Updated as of June 17, 2019

Executive Name School Phone(250) Email
President Duncan Brice/Ali Doerksen GNS 370-6803
Past President Jolene Smith Gordon Head 477-1855
Vice President Paul Hayes Cedar Hill 477-6945
Treasurer Keith Butler Oak Bay 598-3361
Secretary       TBA (shared by schools)
Board Of Governors  Doug Palm GNS 370-6803
SD #63 Rep Ian Menzies Royal Oak 479-7128
SD #62 Rep Leanne Bilous Spencer 474-1291
SD #61 Rep Daniel Mallet Monterey 598-4589
Independent Rep Emma Glasgow St. Margaret’s 479-7171


Athletic Coordinator Jackie Snell 658-6670

2019/20 League Commissioners

Fall Sports
Sport Commissioner School Phone(250) Email
Gr 6-8 Cross Country Jason Papich Bayside 652-1135
Gr 6-8 Ultimate Duncan Brice
Ali Doerksen
GNS 370-6803
Gr 6-8 Touch Rugby Micha Seaberg Shoreline 386-8367
Gr 7/8 Boys Basketball Meghan Caldwell Dunsmuir 478-5548
Gr 7/8 Girls Basketball Emma Glasgow St Margarets 479-7171
Gr 6/7 Boys Basketball Leanne Bilous Spencer 474-1291
Gr 6/7 Girls Basketball James Rhodes Cathedral Christian 383-5125 jamesrhodes@


Winter Sports
Sport Commissioner School Phone(250) Email
Gr 7/8 Boys Volleyball Roger Duval Central 386-3591
Gr 7/8 Girls Volleyball
Owen Summer John Stubbs 478-5571
Gr 7/8 Girls Volleyball
Gabe Kremler Pacific Christian 479-9365 gabe.kremler@
Gr 6/7 Boys Tripleball
Robin Glendinning St. Joseph’s 479-1232 rglendinning@
Gr 6/7 Boys Tripleball
Shaun Boulding Gordon Head 477-1855
Gr 6/7 Girls  Triple ball (competitive) Todd Schroeder Lansdowne 598-3336
Gr 6/7 Girls  Triple ball (recreational) Sam Butler St. Pats 592-6713


Spring Sports
Sport Commissioner School Phone(250) Email
Gr 6-8 Badminton Ian Menzies ROMS 479-7128
Gr 6-8 Boys Rugby Bruce Kuklinski St. Michaels 592-3549
Gr 6-8 Field Hockey Daniel Mallet Monterey 592-3549
Gr 6-8 Track & Field Alex Lemon Shane Pask Arbutus
Cedar Hill


Member School Directory

SD #61 (Greater Victoria)
School Principal AthleticDirector Phone Email
Arbutus Rob Parker Clayton Howe 477-1878
Central Christopher
Roger Duval 386-3591
Gordon Head Gautam Khosla Cathy Nelson 477-1855
Glanford Louie Scigliano Jaimee Devlin
Bryden Gage
Lansdowne Sean Powell Todd Schroeder 598-3336
Rockheights Maryanne Trofimuk  Ian Snider 384-7125
Shoreline Nadine Naughton Micha Seaberg 386-8367
Cedar Hill Carter Giesbrecht Paul Hayes 477-6945
Colquitz Gord Mitchell Kelly Rimmer
Christine Crljenkovic
Monterey Ken Andrews Daniel Mallet 598-4589


SD #62 (Sooke)
School Principal Athletic Director Phone
Dunsmuir Darren Russell Meghan Caldwell 478-5548
Spencer Terry Honer Leanne Bilous
Brad Lidstone
Journey Laurie Szadkowski Zac Vine 642-5881
John Stubbs Stephanie Hedley-Smith  Owen Summers 478-5571


SD #63 (Saanich)
School Principal Athletic Director Phone(250) Email
Bayside Wendy MacDonald Charles Kovacs 652-1135
North Saanich Kal Russell Maryke Jones 656-1129
Royal Oak Carly Hunter Ian Menzies/Carmine Sparanese 479-7128


Independent Schools
School Principal Athletic Director Phone(250) Email
Victor Brodeur Pascale Bernier Iza Labbe 220-6010
St. Andrew’s Andrew Keleher Erin Delude 479-1414
St. Margaret’s Cathy Thornicroft Emma Glasgow 479-7171
Glenlyon Norfolk Doug Palm Duncan Brice
Ali Doerksen
St. Patrick’s Deanne Paulson Samantha Butler 592-6713
St. Joseph‘s Simon Di Castri John Zuback 479-1232
St. Michaels Middle Kate Knight Jackie Cunningham 592-3549
Pacific Christian Bill Helmus Jill Alcorn 479-9365
Maria Montessori Academy Patrick Vincentine Andrew Farrell 479-4746 mr.patrick@mariamontessori;
Selkirk Montessori Erin Hayes Brian Empey 384-3414
Cathedral Christian Stuart   Hall James Rhodes 383-5125
WSANEC Tim Harris Tim Harris  250-544-5140
Brookes Westshore Martin Mai Todd Turkington 1.250.929.0506
Regent Christian Online Mark Langley Dennise Croswell 592-1759
South Park Sean McCartney      


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