Senior Girls Rugby


2017 Senior Girls Rugby

League Commissioner:  Mike Thompson – Esquimalt

2017 LVISSAA Girls Rugby Schedule

Please report game results.  Insert game scores beside each game – note exhibition scores will not be tallied for standings.

Officials Report – note no shows/late refs or refs the host school had to locate and use.

Schedule as of May 9.

Friday, April 7 (Day 1)
Venue #1  Esquimalt Teams Unavailable
5 teams
Esquimalt vs GNS (ex)
Mt. Doug vs Reynolds (ex) 
Spectrum vs Mt Doug (ex)
Spectrum vs GNS (ex)
Reynolds vs Esquimalt
SMUS A  Oak Bay  EMCS  Claremont  Belmont  Stelly’s    
(Scrumfest and 7’s qualifier at Brentwood)


Friday, April 14  – No Games – Good Friday


Friday, April 21 (Day 2)
Venue #1 Venue #2  Mt. Doug Venue #3  Stelly’s
(BC 7’s weekend)
SMUS, EMCS, Oak Bay, Belmont

Teams have bye in case they are attending BC’s.
3 teams
Esquimalt vs Mt. Doug
Mt. Doug vs Spectrum
Spectrum vs Esquimalt
4 teams 
Stelly’s vs Reynolds
GNS vs Claremont (ex)
Stelly’s vs GNS (ex)
Claremont vs Reynolds (ex)


Friday, April 28 (Day 3)
Venue #2  Spectrum Venue #3  Belmont Venue #4  Oak Bay
3 teams
Spectrum vs Stelly’s (ex)
Stelly’s vs EMCS
EMCS vs Spectrum
4 teams
Esquimalt  vs SMUS A
Belmont vs SMUS B
SMUS A vs Belmont
Belmont B vs Esquimalt (ex)
Esquimalt vs Belmont
5 teams
Oak Bay vs Mt. Doug
GNS vs Claremont
Reynolds vs GNS (ex)
Claremont vs Mt Doug (ex)
Oak Bay vs Reynolds


Monday, May 1 (Day 4)
Venue #1  Reynolds Venue #2  Mt Doug  SMUS  Venue #3  Belmont
4 teams
GNS vs Stelly’s
Reynolds vs EMCS
Stelly’s vs EMCS (ex)
GNS vs Reynolds
4 teams
SMUS A  vs Mt. Doug
SMUS B vs Spectrum 
SMUS B vs   Mt. Doug
SMUS A vs Spectrum
Mt. Doug vs Spectrum
5 teams
Belmont B vs Esquimalt (ex)
Claremont vs Belmont
Claremont vs Oak Bay
Oak Bay vs Belmont


Friday, May 5 (Day  5)
Venue #1  SMUS Venue #2  Esquimalt Venue #3  Claremont
5 teams
GNS vs Mt. Doug
EMCS vs Mt. Doug
Mt. Doug/GNS vs EMCS (ex- Grade 10’s)
3  teams 
Oak Bay vs Esquimalt
Esquimalt vs Stelly’s
Oak Bay vs Stelly’s (ex)
4 teams
Spectrum vs Claremont
Reynolds vs Belmont
Claremont vs Reynolds (ex)
Belmont vs Spectrum


Friday, May 12 (Day  6)
Venue #1  Stelly’s Venue #2  Oak Bay  Lansdowne Venue #3  GNS (Windsor Park)
4 teams 
Mt. Doug vs Belmont
Claremont vs Stelly’s
Claremont vs Mt. Doug
Belmont vs Stelly’s
5 teams
Reynolds vs SMUS A
Oak Bay vs SMUS B
Spectrum vs SMUS A
Reynolds vs SMUS B
Spectrum vs Oak Bay
3 teams
GNS vs Esquimalt
Esquimalt vs EMCS
GNS vs EMCS (ex)


Monday, May 15 (Day 7)
Venue #1  EMCS Venue #2  Claremont Venue #3  Reynolds
4 teams
Oak Bay vs GNS 
EMCS vs Belmont
Oak Bay vs EMCS
Belmont vs GNS (ex)
4 teams
SMUS A vs Claremont
Esquimalt vs SMUS B (ex)
Claremont vs Esquimalt
Claremont vs SMUS B (ex)
4 teams
Mt. Doug vs Reynolds
Stelly’s vs Spectrum
Spectrum vs Reynolds
Mt. Doug vs Stelly’s


Friday, May 19 – No Games


Friday, May 26 (Day 8)
Venue #1  SMUS Venue #2  Spectrum Venue #3  EMCS
5 teams
SMUS A vs Stelly’s
Oak Bay vs Esquimalt
SMUS B vs Stelly’s
Oak Bay vs SMUS A
SMUS B vs Esquimalt
Oak Bay vs Stelly’s
3 teams
Spectrum vs GNS
Belmont vs GNS 
Spectrum vs Belmont
4 teams
Claremont vs EMCS
Reynolds vs Mt. Doug
Mt. Doug vs EMCS
Claremont vs Reynolds


Friday, June 2 – Final Jamboree hosted at Spectrum
Richel Condie –
Tentative Schedule

  • 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • 9:30 am Team Pictures
  • 10:00 am Coaches’ Meeting
  • 10:30 am Games Start
  • 2:30 pm Awards 

2017 LVISSAA Girls Rugby Results

Please click for results and standings…  2017 LVISSAA Girls Rugby Results and Standings

Individual Team Standings
Win – 3 points
Tie – 2 points
Loss – 1 point

*Updated May 24th 4:30PM only until the May 15th game

TEAMS WIN LOSS TIE Total Games Total Points Suggested Rank for  Final Jamboree(tentative)
Esquimalt 8 3   11 24(21) 3(5)
SMUS (A) 4 5   9 12 6(6)
Mt. Doug 2 8   10 6 10(9)
Reynolds 3 6   9 12 8(8)
Spectrum 4 7   11 12 7(7)
EMCS 8 2   9 21(24) 2(4)
Oak Bay 6 3   8 18 5(1)
Belmont 10 1   11 30 1(3)
Stelly’s 2 6   8 6 9(10)
Claremont 8 2   8 18(24) 4(2)
GNS   8   8 0 11(11)

(#2) Claremont – beat Belmont, beat Oak Bay, loss to EMCS
(#1) Oak Bay – beat Esquimalt, Belmont, EMCS, (with their A team)
(#5) Esquimalt – beat Claremont – loss to Oak Bay ‘A’
(#3) Belmont – beat EMCS, beat Esquimalt, loss to Oak Bay ‘A’, loss to Claremont
(#4) EMCS – beat Esquimalt, loss to Belmont, loss to Oak Bay ‘A’, beat Claremont

Final standings from Playoffs at Spectrum on June 2 :

GOLD Division:

  1. ​Oak Bay – have possession of the Gold Cup
  2. Belmont
  3. Claremont
  4. Esquimalt
SILVER Division:
  1. ​EMCS – have possession of Silver Cup
  2. Stelly’s
  3. Reynolds
  4. Spectrum
BRONZE Division:
  1. ​​SMUS – have possession of the Bronze Cup
  2. Mt. Doug
  3. GNS

2017 LVISSAA Girls’ Rugby Coaches’ List…  not yet fully updated.

School Teacher Sponsor Coach Email School Phone
Commissioner Darrell  Doerksen 478-5501
Oak Bay Nora King Dave Crossley or
    Jess Nielson  
    Brad Hart  
    Kehla Guimond  
(@ Goudy Turf)
Mike Huck 478-5501
Mt Douglas Ted Meldrum Tiffany Picketts
Esquimalt Karen Swain Sam Robb
Spectrum Darien Slater John Rompfh 
Reynolds Dan McKean Cory Walker
Tyler Carter 
Stelly’s Mike Collings Murk Toorenbergh 
Claremont Darren Reisig Kelsey Oetting
GNS Andrea Robertson Shane Muldrew 
Victoria High Andrew Beisher Adrian Herlaar
Trilby Buck
BC Rugby Marlene Donaldson
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