Field Hockey

BC SCHOOL SPORTS Board of Directors has effective immediately, suspended the Spring Season of Play indefinitely, and in the interest of student-athlete safety, has suspended all school sport-related activities including training, practices, jamborees, scrimmages, matches and similar inter and intra school sport activities.

2020 Commissioner: Daniel Mallet, Monterey


I have booked the water-base artificial turf and the rubber-base turfs ‘A’ and ‘B’ up at UVIC from 3:30 until 5:30pm.
It is very important that you let your players know that soccer cleats are NOT allowed on the water turf….runners or turf boots are fine. If they don’t have turf boots please encourage them to NOT run out and buy a new pair…runners on both surfaces work perfectly well.

The games are 20 minutes long. There will be 10 minutes in between each game for water, field change except for the last game that has a 5 minute changeover time.

We will play 7-aside with goalies (8 total) and each team is responsible for helping out with the umpiring. If you are unable to field a team on a certain day please contact me at so I can make the necessary changes.

A reminder to everyone that middle school field hockey is all about the players learning the game and getting the opportunity to play and have fun. There are no results kept and the emphasis is all about skill development and team work!



Field 1 (Water-Based Turf)

Field 2 (Water-Based Turf)

Field 3 (Turf 2A)

Field 4 (Turf 2A)

Field 5 (Turf 3)

Field 6 (Turf 3)


Arbutus vs. Royal Oak 1

Royal Oak 2 vs. Lansdowne

Bayside vs. Cathedral

GNS vs. GHMS 1

Shoreline/Maria Montessori vs. GHMS2

Cedar Hill vs. Monterey

4:15 – 4:35

Monterey vs. Royal Oak 2

Cedar Hill vs. GHMS 1

Shoreline/Maria Montessori vs. Cathedral

GNS vs. Lansdowne

Arbutus vs. GHMS 2

Bayside vs. Royal Oak 1

4:45 – 5:05

Cedar Hill vs. GNS

Arbutus vs. Lansdowne

Royal Oak 1 vs. Cathedral

Bayside vs. GHMS2

Monterey vs. Shoreline/Maria Montessori

Royal Oak 2 vs. GHMS 1




The schedule for each week will be sent out by 3:00 pm on the Tuesday before each game day.  With that in mind, if you are unable to play, or have any special scheduling requests, please forward them to me by the end of the day Monday each week.

Remaining play dates:
April 16
April 23
April 30
May 7
May 14


Coaches List  2019

School coach email
Arbutus Clayton Howe
Alex Lemon
Lindsay Cole
Lansdowne Todd Schroeder
Meena Sran
Gordon Head Jeremy Ross
Cedar Hill Kate Knappet
Kari Reid
Cathedral Todd Fitzsimmons
James Rhodes
Liz Thurbide
Central Cam Thurbide
Monterey Lana Rud
Jim Knight
Royal Oak Anne-Marie Fuller
Ian Menzies
GNS Bunny Hughes
Spencer Tammy Orthner
Bayside Sarah Alford
Shoreline Emily Menzies
Glanford Bryden Gage
Michelle Hansen
SMUS Nancy Mollenhauer (Commissioner)















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