New for Fall 2019

Commissioner: Ali Doerksen, GNS

Commission Meeting Thursday September 12th @ 4:00pm At Maria Montessori

Jamboree Dates:
Weds Sept 25th
Weds Oct 2nd
Weds Oct 9th

Basic ultimate Frisbee rules will be used

There will also be two other modifications for the middle school level to promote skill development:
1) “Disc Space” should be “Arms Reach” – that no defender should be able to crowd another player who has the disc.
2) No Zone defense allowed

A full team consists of 7 players on the field and a maximum of four of one gender. There must be 5 players on the field. Team A has the option of declaring a default if Team B cannot field 5 players. Teams should play a full team if there are sufficient players.

A game is won by the team that first scores 13 points with a minimum lead of 2 points. There is a point cap at 15 points. If time is an issue, there may be a time cap agreed upon by the two coaches. If there are 3 or more teams on the field, games will be 25 minutes long.

Field size rules are approx. 70m long by 50m wide but must be no smaller than 50m long by 35m, wide with marked score-lines, sidelines and a half-way line. Host schools will need to do what works for their field areas.

A short video explaining Ultimate Frisbee can be seen here!


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