Junior Badminton

2024 Commissioner: Jonathan Berry, Spectrum jberrysd61.bc.ca

All schools are welcome to enter this tournament. You can enter as few as 1 player and as many as 18 per grade (9 boys and 9 girls)

Please indicate soon if you will be entering any players. Registration will be sent via email and a link will be posted in early April.

Please note the following:

Grade 9s and 10s that play in the A league or B league championships cannot play in the Gr 9 or gr 10 city championships and vice versa.

Grade 9s can play up (they can play in the grade 10 championships but can’t do both) Grade 10s cannot play down.

2024 Junior Badminton Schedule

Friday April 19
Entry Deadline for Grade 9s and 10s – No Exceptions
Monday, April 29 Grade 9 Badminton City Championship at Spectrum from 1:00 -4:00 PM.
Please arrive by 12:45PM.
Monday, May 6 Grade 10 Badminton City Championship at St. Margarets from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.
Please arrive by 12:45PM.

*** Please contact Jonathan Berry via email for any changes prior to the competition. jberry@sd61.bc.ca

 Important, when registering for the City Championships (see form below), please rank players and also indicate if they have club experience.  Thanks to the host schools!!!

Junior Badminton City Championship Format

  • Modified double elimination (1st round losers to consolation event).
  • All matches are best 2/3 to 21 points.
  • ** New: Rally point scoring.
  • Events for: Girls Singles, Boys Singles, Boys Doubles and Girls Doubles.
  • Service will be decided by “toss of the bird”.  First choice is made by the team that is closest to the cork end of the bird.
  • No new entries will be allowed on the day of the tournament but substitutes are allowed.  Substitutes must report to draw table prior to the beginning of the first round. There will be NO substituting after the first round is over.
  • All players (schools) must supply their own racquets and birds for warm up.

Entry Information, Rules and Regulations

  1. International Badminton Federation Rules.  Any questions, please call Regional Badminton Centre 881-1881.
  2. Age Classification and Eligibility:
  • GRADE 9: Under 16 as of Dec. 31, 2023 and in no more than their second year of eligibility.
  • GRADE 10: Under 17 as of Dec. 31, 2023 and in no more than their third year of eligibility.
  • PLAYERS MUST BE ELIGIBLE AS PER LVISSAA REGULATIONS.  A participant may enter in one event. A player may not be entered in more than one age group/division.  A player may not have competed in the Senior Badminton League Playoffs.

          3. Two entries per school per event for each age group/division will be included in the City Championship Standings.    

  4. No new names may be added at the tournament – alternates must also be listed on registration form,   though substitutions may be made. Substitutes can not be entered in another event or division.

  5. Alternates will be included in play if space permits and if there are “scratches”, other teams that have brought alternates may enter those names in a draw to replace the scratched team.  Please be sure to indicate your “alternate ” names on your entry form.

6. Seeding – See “Entry Form”  A = Best   B = 2ND Best .
Indicate if the player has club experience (means anything that is in addition to what they play in school intramurals or PE class).  You may also include the player’s record from the matches played in our practice pools and the Commissioner will check score sheets submitted.




CIRCLE GRADE LEVEL TOURNAMENT ENTRIES ARE FOR:                    GRADE 9                           GRADE 10


School ____________________________Coach(es) _______________________________

Event Girls entries in this column Boys entries in this column
Singles A
Singles B
Doubles  A
(player 1)
(player 2)
Doubles B
(player 1)
(player 2)
doubles alternate

ENTRIES TO:  Please email or fax by 4:00 PM to Chris Ball ONE WEEK PRIOR to event.

Ribbons are awarded for:1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in Boys and Girls singles, Boys and Girls doubles. Consolation division will award a first place consolation ribbon for the same events.

There will be an aggregate award for the top 3 schools in each age group for Boys and for Girls.

Tournament Results 2024

Grade 10 Results
Overall Girls Ribbon: SMUS
Overall Boys Ribbon: GNS
Singles & Doubles Winners

Grade 9 Results
Overall Girls Ribbon: PCS
Overall Boys Ribbon: Mt. Doug
Singles & Doubles Winners


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