Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball

2022 Commissioner: Christine Crljenkovic, Colquitz
*Parents please contact your team coach or school AD if you have any questions regarding the league.
Coaches Handbook  – 2022
Volleyball Rules
Volleyball Scoresheet 3 Sets
Volleyball Scoresheet 2 Sets
Tripleball Rules – updated 2020
Tripleball Scoresheet 
EXAMPLE Tripleball Scoresheet

-Start games promptly at 3:45 pm sharp.
-a match is comprised of 5 sets, each set played to 25 points (win by 2 points, NO cap – 5th set to 15)
– No Spectators allowed at this time
– There will be no playoffs this year

2022 Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball Competitive Schedule

Updated Jan 20, 21

Date Visiting Team        @ Home Team
Week 1 

Monday, January 24th

Arbutus               @ Royal Oak Blue
Gordon Head       @ Monterey 1 – moved to Feb 7th
Royal Oak green @ Colquitz
Monterey 2            @ Cedar Hill – moved to Feb 7th
St. Andrew’s        @ Bayside
Royal Oak black  @ SMUS
Brookes                @ Victor Brodeur
Spencer                @ Dunsmuir
  PCS                  @ Central

PRO-D- Lansdowne and Glanford  **You can arrange a make-up game between each other if you like.

Week 2 

Monday, January 31

   Visiting                     Home

Gordon Head       @ Arbutus
Royal Oak black   @Monterey  1
Colquitz                @Cedar HIll
Royal Oak green  @PCS
Glanford               @Bayside
St. Andrews         @ Royal Oak Blue
Monterey 2           @SMUS
Brookes                @Spencer   
Dunsmuir             @Victor Brodeur 
Lansdowne           @ Central


Week 3 

Monday, Feb 14

   Visiting                              Home

Monterey 1                  @Arbutus
Royal Oak blue           @Gordon Head
Colquitz                      @St. Andrew’s
Royal Oak black         @Glanford
Cedar HIll                   @ Royal Oak green
Bayside                       @PCS
Dunsmuir                    @Brookes
Victor Broduer           @ Spencer 
SMUS                        @ Central  
Monterey 2                 @Lansdowne 


Week 4 

Monday, March 7

  Visiting                            Home

SMUS                         @Arbutus
PCS                            @Gordon Head
Royal Oak black         @Colquitz
Glanford                       @ Cedar Hill
St. Andrew’s                @Royal Oak green
Royal Oak Blue            @ Bayside
Victor Brodeur             @Brookes
Dunsmuir                     @Spencer
Central                         @Monterey 2
Monterey 1                  @Lansdowne 

2022 Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball Competitive Coaches’ List

Arbutus (AD)

Monterey 1

Brad Boquist –

Tim Fitzgerald – 

Karlena –


Montery 2

Brad Boquist – 

Tim Fitzgerald –

 Karlena –

Brookes Westshore (AD)



Cedar Hill

Matt Smith

ROMS green, Blue & Black;;;; 


roger duval 

Jason Owen

Lansdowne (AD)


Ben Robillard (AD)

Victor Brodeur;


Chelsea Lajeunesse 

Stephanie Torbohm



Nick Nazar:

Jaimee (AD) 


 Ross Bannister

Gordon Head (AD)

St. Andrew’s

2022 Grade 7/8 Boys Tripleball Recreational Schedule

LIMSSA Tripleball Recreational Division

Commissioner:  Jason Owen, Central

Date Visiting Team @ Home Team
Week 1 (February 7) Gordon Head @ North Saanich
Lansdowne @ Selkirk Montessori
PCS @ Journey
Week 2 (February 28) North Saanich @ PCS
Selkirk Montessori @ Gordon Head
Journey @ Lansdowne
Week 3 (March 14) Lansdowne @ North Saanich
Selkirk Montessori @ Journey
PCS @ Gordon Head


 2022 Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball Recreational Coaches’ List

School Coach Email
 Central Commissioner
Jason Owen
Gordon Head Shawn Boulding
Cathy Nelson (AD)
Lansdowne Todd Schroeder (AD)
PCS Sue Milroy
Jill McFarlene (AD)
Selkirk Montessori Brian Empy (AD)
Journey Zac Vine (AD)
North Saanich Maryke Jones



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