Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball

2023 Commissioner: Christine Crljenkovic, Colquitz
*Parents please contact your team coach or school AD if you have any questions regarding the league.
Coaches Handbook  – 2023
Volleyball Rules
Volleyball Scoresheet 3 Sets
Volleyball Scoresheet 2 Sets
EXAMPLE Volleyball Scoresheet
Tripleball Rules – updated 2020
Tripleball Scoresheet 
EXAMPLE Tripleball Scoresheet

-Start games promptly at 3:45 pm sharp.
-a match is comprised of 2 sets

List of Teams 2023

Pool East Pool West
Arbutus Red      Dunsmuir  
Arbutus Blue    Spencer    
Bayside Black  PCS    
Lansdowne    St. Andrew’s 
Bayside Blue  Shoreline 
Monterey  Cedar Hill  
Royal Oak Blue Glanford  
Royal Oak Green Central 
SMUS    Colquitz  
Gordon Head 

Link to Results and Standings

2023 Schedule

Date Site 1
Site 2
Site 3
Site 4
Site 5
Site 6
Week 1
Jan 16
@ Spencer
Glanford, Cedar Hill 
@ Dunsmuir
Shoreline, Colquitz
@ Central
PCS, St. Andrew’s
@ Gordon Head, Lansdowne, Royal Oak Blue @ Royal Oak Green, Bayside Black, Arbutus Red  @ Arbutus Blue vs Monterey
SMUS vs Bayside Blue
*Can add extra exh games
Week 2
Jan 23
@ Dunsmuir
Spencer, PCS


Week 3
Jan 30
@Cedar Hill
Central, Dunsmuir
@ Glanford
Shoreline, PCS 
@ Colquitz
St. Andrew’s, Spencer
@ SMUS, Lansdowne,  Arbutus Red @ Monterey, Gordon Head, Royal Oak Green
*GH vs ROMS is exh only
@ Bayside Black vs Royal Oak Blue
Arbutus Blue vs Bayside Blue
*Can add extra exh games
Week 4
Feb 6
BYE DAY FOR PCS, Dunsmuir, Spencer @ Cedar Hill
Shoreline, St. Andrew’s
@ Glanford
Colquitz, Central,  
@ Royal Oak Blue, Royal Oak Green, Bayside Blue @ SMUS, Bayside Black, Arbutus Blue, Gordon Head @ Arbutus Red, Monterey, Lansdowne
*ALL LANS games are EXH
Week 5
Feb 13
@ St. Andrew’s
Glanford, Dunsmuir
@ Central
Shoreline, Spencer
Colquitz, Cedar HIll
@ Bayside Blue, Gordon Head, Arbutus Red @ Monterey, Royal Oak Blue, SMUS @ Lansdowne Arbutus Blue, Royal Oak Green, Bayside Black *ALL BAY games are EXH
Feb 20


Week 6
Feb 27
@ Spencer
Glanford, Cedar hill 
@ Colquitz
Shoreline, Dunsmuir
St. Andrew’s, Central
@ Lansdowne Bayside Black, Monterey, Bayside Blue, @ Gordon Head, SMUS, Royal Oak Green * SMUS vs GH is exhibition @ Arbutus Red, Arbutus Blue, Royal Oak Blue

Link to Results and Standings

2023 Playoffs – March 6th

Division A
*Best of 3
Host: Central
2 Courts
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
Central 1st West Pool vs Gordon Head 2nd East Pool
Glanford 2nd West Pool vs ROMS Green 1st East Pool
Losers play for 3rd
Winners play for 1st
1. ROMS Green
2. Gordon Head
3. Glanford
4. Central
Division B Host: Lansdowne
2 Courts
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
PCS 3rd West Pool vs Lansdowne 4th East Pool
Shoreline 4th West Pool vs Bayside Black 3rd East Pool
Losers play for 7th
Winners play for 5th
5. Shoreline
6. Lansdowne
7. PCS
8. Bayside
Division C Host: ROMS Blue
2 Courts
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
Cedar Hill 5th West Pool vs Arbutus Red 6th East Pool
Spencer 6th West Pool vs ROMS Blue 5th East Pool
Losers play for 11th
Winners play for 9th
9. Arbutus Red
10. Spencer
11. ROMS Blue
12. Cedar Hill
Division D Host: Colquitz
2 Courts
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:
Dunsmuir 7th West Pool vs Monterey 8th East Pool
Colquitz 8th West Pool vs Bayside Blue 7th East Pool
Losers play for 15th
Winners play for 13th
13. Monterey
14. Colquitz
15. Bayside Blue
16. Dunsmuir
Division E Host: Arbutus Blue
1 court
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Arbutus Blue 10th East Pool vs St. Andrews 9th West Pool
St. Andrews
9th West Pool vs SMUS 9th East Pool

SMUS 9th East Pool vs Arbutus Blue 10th East Pool
17. Arbutus Blue
18. SMUS
19. St. Andrews

2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball Competitive Coaches’ List


School Coach Name Email
1. Dunsmuir Ken Hillicke/Karen Prete;
2. Spencer Ross Banister/Brad Lidstone;
3. PCS Brett Low/Bren Michalski;
4. St. Andrews Lily Blair/Isabella Marsiglia;
5. Shoreline Cherie Lewis
6. Cedar Hill Kurt Penner
7. Glanford Nicole Olynyk
8. Central Gillian Braun/Roger Duval;
9. Colquitz Ben Robillard/Jessica Bambrough;


School Coach Name Email
1.Arbutus red Megan Peddle Steward Kevin;;;
2. Arbutus blue A.Landman, C Pachuk;;;
3. Bayside black Alex Chen;
4. Lansdowne Todd Schroeder
5. Bayside blue NLE-Ryan Davidson; 
6. Monterey Axel Robinson/Jason Gammon;
7. Royal Oak blue Adam Ravenhill et al;;
8. Royal Oak green Adam Ravenhill et al;
9. SMUS Jackie Cunningham/Brady Doland;

 2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Tripleball Recreational Schedule

LIMSSA Tripleball Recreational Division

Commissioner:  Jen Adamson, Gordon Head
Updated Feb 13

Date Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4
Jan 30th @ Lansdowne, CCCS, SMUS, Monterey @ Selkirk Mont, Rockheights, Centre Mtn @ Royal Oak, Cedar Hill, North Saanich @ Spencer, John Stubbs, Journey
Feb 13th @ Cedar Hill, Lansdowne, Journey @ Rockheights, Monterey, Royal Oak @ Centre Mtn, Spencer, CCCS @ SMUS, North Saanich, Selkirk Mont, John Stubbs
Feb 27th @ John Stubbs, Royal Oak, SMUS @ Journey, Centre Mtn, Rockheights @ Monterey, Selkirk Mont, Cedar Hill @ North Saanich, CCCS, Lansdowne, Spencer


 2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball Recreational Coaches’ List

School Email coach
Cedar Hill
Centre Mtn
John Stubbs
N. Saanich
Royal Oak
Selkirk Mont.


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