T & F Lower Island Championships General Information

Lower Island Track and Field Championship
Wednesday May 15, 2024
Centennial Stadium, University of Victoria

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Championship Information

  1. Registration:
    Player registration forms for Schools to B.C. School Sports, (on-line) no later than April 19th.
  2. Age Categories
    Junior: Student-athlete must be under 17 years of age as of December 31 of the current school year
    Senior: Student-athlete must be under 19 years of age as of December 31 of the current school year
  1. List of Events

Track: 100m, 200m, 400m, sprint hurdles, distance hurdles, 800m, 1500m, 1500m race walk and 3000m, steeplechase

Field: Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Hammer, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault

All events take place on Wednesday May 15 beginning at 9:00 am EXCEPT the following

Hammer– 4 pm  May 9 at Lambrick Pole Vault (all age groups)
Wednesday May 8
3000 m (all age groups)
Wednesday May 8

Event specifications can be found at the end of this document.

  1. Entry Rules

A)  Entries are determined by ranking the best performances (i.e. times & distances) in a particular event during the course of the League Meets. The top 8 performances in each event (The top 12 in the 1500m,1500m Racewalk, Steeplechase and 3000m) qualify for the Lower Islands. The 3000m is open to all athletes on May 8th.

Relay Registration forms must be submitted to Angela McLeish at the seeding meeting. There will be an A final and a B final for the 4x100m and the 4x400m. If there are only 9 relays in total, then they will be combined into one final.

Since some athletes will qualify in more than three individual events, and some schools will have more than three athletes that qualify for a particular event, Athletes ranked from 9th (or 13th) may also be moved into the Final.

The exact (final) list of entries for the Lower Island Finals will be determined at the Entries Meeting on Monday May 13th at St. Andrews High School, 5:30 pm and will include a dinner for coaches.

If a coach is absent for this meeting, and one of the school’s athlete qualifies for more than the maximum number of events, Meet Directors shall make a final decision about which events the athlete will be entered into.

TIES: When a tie for the last qualifying position occurs, the tie is broken using each tied athlete’s second best time or distance in that event during a League meet. If one of the tied athletes has only 1 qualifying result, the tie will not be broken, the number of finalists will be increased by one.

B) Athletes may be entered in the Lower Islands in no more than three individual events (including open events) + 2 relays . Those who compete in the 3000m Finals, Hammer, & Pole Vault, which take place before the Entries Meeting, must be aware that this will count as one of their events.

C)An athlete may not be on both an “A” and “B” relay team in the same event.
D. A school is limited to three entries in the Final of individual events.
E. A school is limited TWO entries in each of the boys’ & girls’ 4×400 & 4×100 relay events.

5. Lane Assignment and Order of Competition for Lower Island Finals:

The lane assignments in each track event and the order of competition in each field event are according to the rankings in a particular event as determined by the best performance by each athlete at the League Meets.

  1. Substitutions and Scratches

A. No substitutions are permitted in the Finals, except in relays where it is permitted providing: (a) the regular member is medically unable to compete, (b) proper notification is made to the Meet Referee prior to the event, and (c) the substitute has not already competed on another relay team in the same event. If no substitute is available, the relay team will not be given any place or points.

B. The substitute must be an athlete who has competed in Finals or at least a league Meet
C. Athletes unable to compete in a Final for medical reasons will not be given any place or points in individual events.
NOTE: Athletes must compete in all events in which they qualify for and are entered in the Final. An athlete who fails to show for an event, including relays, will be disqualified from further competition, including relays.

7. Reporting to Events

A. It is the competitor’s responsibility to know when and where his event is taking place. Events will be called on the public address system but a competitor’s name will not be called.

B. If a competitor is competing in a field event and a track event is scheduled at the same time, the competitor must report to the field event judge first, explain that he is in a track event, and then report to the track event immediately. Upon completion of the track event, the competitor must return to the field event without delay and must immediately inform the person in charge of the event that he has returned. Failure to report to one of the judges may result in disqualification.

C. Competitors arriving late for a track event (after the race has been run) are out of that competition.

D. Competitors arriving late for a field event (after the event has started) may join the competition and receive attempts for each round not yet completed. A round is considered to have begun when the first person in the round is called to make his attempt.

E. A competitor who returns from a track event or another field event to a field event (without delay and after vault and high jump) may take their turn, but only if the last round has not begun. A round is considered to have begun when the first person in the round is called to make his attempt. These attempts must be taken alternately so that no competitor has two consecutive attempts. If the last round has begun, then the competitor may have his last attempt, but only if the last listed competitor has not completed his last attempt.

In the pole vault and high jump, the bar may not be lowered at any time for any competitor who has been away at another event, and the event must progress at a reasonably normal pace. When a competitor returns, he may have attempts at the height not yet completed. These attempts must be taken alternately so that no competitor has consecutive jumps unless all other competitors clear the height and thus force the remaining competitor to take consecutive jumps.

  1. Uniforms– All athletes are required to wear school uniform (or unmarked white T- Shirt). This will be enforced.
  2. Coaching- No coaching will be allowed in the Finals (i.e. while the event in question is in progress). Competitors receiving coaching will be liable for disqualification.
  • Coaches must not be on the field on the Final Day unless they are officiating.
  • Coaches must not talk to any judges regarding a protest or an appeal – concerns to be discussed with appropriate Certified Referee (BC Athletics) for Track, Jumps, or Throws.
  1. Disqualifications- In the event of a disqualification of an individual or relay team, (other than lane and passing violations) the coach will be contacted. Poor language or inappropriate actions in any track and field event may result in a disqualification and discipline actions. 
    Note: A relay team can be disqualified when a runner throws the baton after completing the race, or for other displays of poor sportsmanship, including improper language.
  2. Protests and Appeals
    A. All protests and appeals must be made to the Meet Referee.
    B. If necessary, the Referee will call together the Jury of Appeal which will consist of the following: League Chairman (Angela McLeish); Meet Chairman (GNS) Jumping Events Director; and Throwing Events Director. (substitute for conflict of interest)
  3. Officiating Responsibilities 
    LVISSAA is pleased to have a number of BC Athletics and Athletics Canada certified officials who provide the technical assistance and direction to the meets. These officials have extensive experience in officiating at meets ranging from local middle school/high school meets up to and including world championship events. There are also a number of local school and community officials who work with these certified officials. Each school is responsible for providing officials to look after the designated responsibilities at all League Meets.
    NOTE:  If for any reason your school is unable to look after your responsibility at a particular meet, then you must make arrangements as far ahead of time as possible to have other individuals take your job.
  1. Points: (Individual and relay events)
Place Points Place Points
1st 10 5th 4
2nd 8 6th 3
3rd 6 7th 2
4th 5 8th 1

*Points from Open individual events will be credited only to Sr’s age division for team points.
When an unbreakable tie occurs, the points will be divided equally between the two positions (e.g. a two-way tie      for third  place would give each competitor 5.5 points. (11 points / 2)

  • Competitors in the Final of a field event will receive a place only if a height is cleared or a distance is recorded (without disqualification).
  • Competitors in the Final of a track event will receive a place only if they complete the race (without disqualification).
  1. Lower Island Awards
  • Ribbons to be picked up at field site and at finish line for long distance events
  • Ribbons for Track Events will be available for pick up near finish line or in the equipment garage for those finishing in 1st-3rd
  • There are 8 aggregate perpetual Trophies – one for each age group in boys and girls plus one over-all, and one runner up
  • There will also be individual awards for athletes in each age group. These include: Highest Aggregate (Track + Field) for juniors and seniors, Outstanding Sr Girls’ Track, Outstanding Sr. Girls’ Field, Outstanding Sr Boys’ Track, Outstanding Sr. Boys’ Field


Winners in 2023
Team points aggregate – Oak Bay first Team points aggregate runner up – St Andrews
Senior individual Awards:
Outstanding Male Field:
Leupold Wang, SMUS
Outstanding Female Field:
Shayna Cyr-Barker, Oak Bay
Outstanding Male Track:
Mackenzie Lim, Esquimalt
Outstanding Female Track:
Ruby Broadbent, Parkland


  1. Lower Island Track & Field Schedule WEDNESDAY MAY 15, 2024

printable schedule is found by going to link to printable schedule


Track Events  2024:  Wednesday May 15
TIME EVENT Div coach use
TIME EVENT NAME Div coach use
9:00 Racewalk All divs.
9:20 110m H S.B. 12:30 800M J.G.
9:25 100 m H J.B. 12:35 800M J.B.
9:30 100 m H S.G. 12:40 800M S.G.
9:35 80 m H J.G 12:45 800 M S.B.
9:45 400 M J.G. 12:55 200M J.G.
9:50 400 M J.B. 1:00 200M J.B.
9:55 400 M S.G. 1:05 200M S.G.
10:00 400 M S.B. 1:10 200M S.B.
Nutrition Break
10:30 1500M J.G. 1:20 Steeplechase J.G.
10:40 1500M J.B. 1:30 Steeplechase J.B.
10:50 1500M S.G. 1:40 Steeplechase S.G.
11:00 1500M S.B. 1:50 Steeplechase S.B.
11:15 100M J.G. 1:59 4×100 J.G.
11:20 1ooM J.B. 2:06 4×100 J.B
11:25 100M S.G. 2:13 4×100 S.G.
11:30 100M S.B. 2:20 4×100 S.B.
Recovery Block
11:45 400M H S.B. 2:45 4×400 J.G.
11:50 300M H J.B. 2:55 4×400 J.B.
11:55 400M H S.G. 3:05 4×400 S.G.
12:00 300M H J.G. 3:15 4×400 S.B.
Lunch Break 3:20 – Awards
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Field Events    2024: Wednesday May 15
TIME EVENT  coach use
TIME EVENT coach use
8:30 Long jump J.G. 11:30 Long jump S.B.
8:30 Triple jump J.B. 11:30 Triple jump S.G.
8:30 Shot Put S.G. 11:30 Shot put J.B.
8:30 Discus S.B. 11:30 Discus J.G.
8:30 High Jump S.G. 11:30 Javelin S.B.
11:30 High Jump J.G.
9:30 Triple Jump S.B. 12:30 Shot Put J.G.
9:30 Long jump S.G. 12:30 Discus S.G.
9:30 Discus J.B. 12:30 Javelin J.B.
9:30 Javelin J.G. 12:30 High Jump S.B.
9:30 High Jump J.B.
10:30 Shot Put S.B.
10:30 Javelin S.G.
10:30 Long Jump J.B.
10:30 Triple jump J.G.

16. Event Specifications


Event Specifications for Hurdles and Steeplechase

Senior Girls 100 m 10 33” 13.0 metres 8.5 metres 12 metres
Senior Girls 400 m 10 30″ 45 metres 35 metres 40 metres
Senior Girls  2000m  Steeplechase 30″ Start at 1500m mark with water
Gr 8 Girls and

Junior Girls

80 metres 8 30″ 12.0 metres 8.0 metres 12 metres
Junior Girls 300 metres 7 30″ 45 metres 35 metres 45 metres
Gr. 8 Girls  200m 7 30” 45 35 45
Junior Girls 1500m Steeplechase Miss first 3 barriers 30″ Start near 200m start line  with water
Senior Boys 110 m 10 36″ 13.72 metres 9.14 m 14.02 m
Senior Boys 400 m 10 36″ 45 metres 35m 40 m
Senior Boys  2000m Steeplechase 33” Start at 1500m mark with water
Junior Boys 300 m 7 33” 45 metres 35 metres 45 m
Junior Boys 100 metres 10 36″ 13.0 metres 8.5 metres 10.5 m
Grade 8 Boys 100 metres 10 33″ 13.0 metres 8.5 metres 10.5 m
Grade 8 Boys 200 metres 7 30″ 45 metres 35 metres 45 m
Junior Boys 1500m Steeplechase Miss first 3 barriers 30″ Start near 200m start line  with water


sector is 34.92 degrees
sector is 29.0 degrees
sector is 34.92 degrees
sector is 34.92 degrees
Senior (Open): Girls 1 kg 600 gram 4 kg 4 kg
Senior (Open): Boys 1.75 kg 800 gram 6 kg 6 kg
Jr Girls  + Gr 8 Girls  1 kg 500 gram 3 kg 3 kg
Junior Boys  1.5 kg 700 gram 5 kg 5 kg
Grade 8 Boys 1 kg 600 gram 4 kg 4 kg


Thanks to the Championship Committee Host schools for 2024
Meet Director – Colin Adamson, GNS
Assistant Meet Director – Colleen McNamee, Parkland (officials)
Hospitality/food – Lindsay Brooke, SMUS

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  Staples,  BC Athletics officials, Acacia Landscape


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