Middle School Boys Rugby Commissioners: 

Bruce Kuklinski and Jerome Foenander /


In 2018 the plan is to have four divisions as follows:
– Grade 6/7 less than 100lbs – likely to play on Tuesday
– Grade 6/7 less than 130lbs – likely to play on Wednesdays
– Grade 6/7/8 less than 160lbs – likely to play on Thursday and some Mondays
– Grade 6/7/8 open weight – likely to play on Thursdays and some Mondays
Each school is requested to designate to the commissioner prior to Spring Break (Friday March 16th) the following:
– the number of teams and weight divisions it wishes to play in
– coaches names and both email and phone contact info for each team
– if you do not have adequate and safe field for home games
– if you are unable to play on any of the game dates
– any other pertinent information for making up the league schedule.

6/7 Boys Rugby 

7/8 Boys Rugby

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