Annual Season Info



FALL Soccer Week of Sept 25 Week of Oct 16 Thurs Sept  14 Tournament dates:
week of  Sept 26 and Oct 16
  Cross Country Week of Sept 18? Thursday October 27 Thurs Sept   14 4  races on Wed or Thurs
Sept 21, Oct 5, Oct 12, Oct 26
(avoid soccer tourns)
  Basketball Week of Oct. 23 Week ending
Dec 8
*same as prev year,  
Oct  4 League format: 6 wks league + playoffs (playoffs week of Dec 4)Recreational  Division Tournament  dates:
Week of :  Nov 6, Nov 20, Nov 27
  No play  scheduled Dec 15Jan 15 –  Schools may arrange own games
WINTER Volleyball Week of Jan 23 Week ending March 11

(comp league playoffs  are the last wk)

Jan  11


League format: 6 wks league + playoffs (playoffs are week of Feb 26

Recreational format dates – grade 7/8 : week of  Jan 29,Feb 5,Feb 19
  Triple Ball Jan 29 Week ending Feb 23 Jan 11 Triple Ball Jamborees   for grade 6 /7
Dates: week of Jan 29,Feb 5,Feb 19
  No play scheduled  March 19 – April 3   Spring break & Easter Holiday



Wk starting April 9 Week ending May 11 Week of

March 5

Avoid play days already used by Rugby and Field Hockey

5  wks  including  1  tournament per grade +  Championship Final 

  Rugby (boys) Wk starting April 9 Week ending  Friday May 18 Week of

March 5

5 wks of jamboree  style play each week  + final jamborees-   Games on Tues, Wed,  Thurs
  Girls Field Hockey Wk starting April 6 Thursday May  18 Maybe no meeting 6 wks- jamboree  style play each week – Games on Thursdays
  Track & Field Early May Wk ending June 8? Early March Suggested dates:May 10, May 14, May 23, May 30  Final June 6 or 7


General Game Days for team sports: (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)

Monday         Grade  8 boys
Tuesday         Grade  6/7 girls
Wednesday   Grade 8 girls
Thursday       Grade 6/7 boys

–Grade 7/8 Basketball for Boys and Girls maybe Monday or Wednesday or both
–Also some exceptions to the above game days  may be made due to holidays

Link to LIMSSA 2017-18-seasons-of-play-calendar



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