Grade 7/8 Boys Basketball

2023 Commissioner: Jackie Cunningham, SMUS (Competitive) Todd Turkington, Brookes (Recreation)
*Parents please contact your team coach or school AD for questions regarding the league.

2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Competitive Schedule

  • Double header games… first game at 3:45 and second game at 5:15 (unless otherwise noted).
  • Boys and Girls will alternate as to who goes first, through the course of the schedule.

Coaches Handbook
Basic Person to Person Defense Principles

East Pool West Pool
SMUS Colquitz
Gordon Head Spencer
Lansdowne Dunsmuir
St. Andrews Brookes
Arbutus Centre Mtn Lellum
Central PCS
Bayside Royal Oak
Monterey Journey
Cedar Hill Glanford

2023 Competitive Schedule 

As of Oct 18

October 23 Pool Time Format
Brookes @ Glanford West 05:00 Double
Spencer @ Colquitz West 05:00 Double
Journey @ CML West 05:00 Double
Royal Oak @ PCS West 05:00 Double
Gordon Head @ SMUS East 03:45 Single
St. Andrews @ Cedar Hill East 03:45 Single
Monterey @ Arbutus East 03:45 Single
Bayside @ Central East 03:45 Single
Lansdowne @ Dunsmuir EXH 03:45 Single
October 25 Pool Time Format
PCS @ CML West 03:45 Double
Central @ Arbutus East 03:45 Double
Monterey @ Lansdowne East 03:45 Double
Gordon Head @ Cedar Hill East 03:45 Single
St. Andrews @ Bayside East 03:45 Double
Glanford @ Spencer West 03:45 Single
Dunsmuir @ Journey West 03:45 Single
Royal Oak @ Brookes West 03:45 Single
Bye- SMUS East
Bye -Colquitz West
October 30 Pool Time Format
Bayside @ Gordon Head East 05:00 Double
Colquitz @ Glanford West 05:00 Double
Lansdowne @ Central East 05:00 Double
Brookes @ CML West 05:00 Double
Spencer @ Royal Oak West 03:45 Single
PCS @ Dunsmuir West 03:45 Single
Arbutus @ St. Andrews East 03:45 Single
SMUS @ Cedar Hill East 03:45 Single
Monterey @ Journey EXH 03:45 Single
November 1 Pool Time Format
Central @ PCS EXH 03:45 Double
Cedar Hill @ Bayside East 03:45 Double
St. Andrews @ Lansdowne East 03:45 Double
Glanford @ Royal Oak West 03:45 Double
Arbutus vs Gordon Head East 03:45 Single
SMUS @ Monterey East 03:45 Single
CML @ Spencer West 03:45 Single
Dunsmuir @ Brookes West 03:45 Single
Colquitz @ Journey West 03:45 Single
November 6 Pool Time Format
Arbutus @ Bayside East 05:00 Double
Central @ SMUS East 05:00 Double
PCS @ Colquitz West 05:00 Double
Cedar Hill @ Lansdowne East 05:00 Double
St. Andrews @ Monterey East 03:45 Single
CML @ Royal Oak West 03:45 Single
Brookes @ Journey West 03:45 Single
Glanford @ Dunsmuir West 03:45 Single
Spencer @ Gordon Head EXH 03:45 Single
November 8 Pool Time Format
Monterey @ Gordon Head East 03:45 Double
CML @ Colquitz West 03:45 Double
Lansdowne @ Bayside East 03:45 Double
St. Andrews @ Central East 03:45 Double
PCS @ Brookes West 03:45 Single
Dunsmuir @ Royal Oak West 03:45 Single
Journey @ Spencer West 03:45 Single
SMUS @ Arbutus East 03:45 Single
Glanford @ Cedar Hill EXH 03:45 Single
November 15 Pool Time Format
Journey @ PCS West 03:45 Double
Gordon Head @ Lansdowne East 03:45 Double
Bayside @ SMUS East 03:45 Double
Royal Oak @ Colquitz West 03:45 Double
Central @ Monterey East 03:45 Single
Cedar Hill @ Arbutus East 03:45 Single
CML @ Glanford West 03:45 Single
Dunsmuir @ Spencer West 03:45 Single
Bye – Brookes West
Bye – St. Andrews East
November 20 Pool Time Format
Bye Day as Pro-D for SD 61 & 63

2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Competitive Results

2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Current Standings

2023 Playoffs
Note game order/game time may change to accommodate which schools can host

November 22 Sweet 16 Time Location
Game 1 COL West 8 vs  East 1 GHMS 3:45 GHMS
Game 2 ARB East 6 vs West 3 SPEN 3:45 SPEN
Game 3 GLAN West 5 vs East 4 LANS 5:00 SPEN
Game 4 CEN East 7 vs West 2 ROMS 5:00 GLAN
Game 5 DUNS West 7 vs East 2 SMUS 5:00 SMUS
Game 6 CHILL East 5 vs West 4 PCS 5:00 PCS
Game 7 BRK West 6 vs East 3 BAY 5:00 BAY
Game 8 MONT East 8 vs West 1 CML 3:45 CML
Game 9 JOUR East 9 vs West 9 STA (x-over) 5:00 CML
November 27 Quarter Finals Time Location
Game 10 GHMS vs LANS 5:00 LANS
Game 11 SPEN vs ROMS 3:45 SPEN
Game 12 SMUS vs BAY 5:00 SMUS
Game 13 CHILL vs CML 5:00 SPEN
November 29 Semi Finals Time  Location
Game 14 GHMS (WG10) vs (WG11) ROMS
Game 15 SMUS (WG12) vs (WG13) CML
Dec 4 Finals Time  Location
Consolation ROMS (Loser G14) vs  (Loser G15) CML
Championship GHMS (Winner G14) vs (Winner G15) SMUS
**Game Order may change to accommodate host school.**
Final Standings:
1. Gordon Head
3. Centre Mtn Lellum
4. Royal Oak

2022 Grade 7/8 Boys Competitive Coaches List

School Coach Email
Arbutus Megan Peddie (AD)
Bayside Alex Chen
Eric Stoehr (AD)
Colquitz Jason Cormier
Dunsmuir Jamie Clegg
Andrew Devlin
Glanford Jaimee Devlin (AD)
Gordon Head Cathy Nelson (AD)
Journey Zac Vine
Lansdowne Todd Schroeder (AD)
Monterey Lana Rudd
Jason Gammon (AD)
Royal Oak Adam Ravenhill (AD)
PCS Brett Low (AD)
Gavin McGee
Kyle Baerg
St. Andrews Lily Blair (AD)
SMUS Jackie Cunningham (AD)
Spencer Brad Lidstone (AD)

2023 Grade 7/8 Boys Recreational Schedule

Detailed schedules are emailed to AD’s and coaches by Commissioner Todd Turkington
Following is a list of tournaments hosts and participating schools.

Games start times are at 3:45 and tournaments end at approximately 6 pm.
Hosts communicate with teams if games need to start early due to gym rentals.

6 x 6-minute running time quarters with the last 2 min of 4th quarter being stop time
 The half-time break is 5 minutes

2 x 1-minute timeouts per team, per game
Man to man defence only
Half-court defence only.
No shot clock, no overtime

Host to provide at least two scorekeepers who will keep the running score, personal fouls, team fouls, timeouts, and possession, and will work the clock. Scores are not reported to the commissioner.

3-Team Jamborees
3:45 pm  –  Host vs 2
4:30 pm  –  2 vs 3
5:15 pm   –  Host vs 3   

As of

Week 1: October 30                                             
Host Participating Schools
Spencer Centre Mtn Lellum, Maria Montessori
John Stubbs Shoreline, Victor Brodeur
Colquitz Glanford, Rockheights
North Saanich Royal Oak, Cedar Hill
Arbututs Gordon Head, GNS 2
GNS 1 CCCS, Central
Lansdowne Monterey, SMUS


Week 2: November 6                           
Host Participating Schools
Glanford Spencer, John Stubbs
Rockheights Centre Mtn Lellum, Victor Brodeur
North Saanich Gordon Head, CCCS
Arbutus Royal Oak, SMUS
Shoreline Monterey, Colquitz
Central Cedar Hill
Maria Montessori Lansdowne


Week 3: November 27                                          
Host Participating Schools
Cedar Hill Shoreline, Spencer
Centre Mtn Lellum John Stubbs, Colquitz
Glanford Victor Brodeur, North Saanich
Gordon Head Rockheights, Lansdowne
Royal Oak GNS 2, Central
Monterey CCCS, Arbutus
SMUS GNS 1, Maria Montessori

2022 Grade 7/8 Boys Recreational Coaches List

School Coach Email
Arbutus Megan Peddie (AD)
Cedar Hill Mark Ahenda (AD)
Central Gillian Braun
Centre Mtn. Lellum
GNS 1 Randy Ollech
Duncan Brice (AD)
GNS 2 Steve Basaraba
Duncan Brice (AD)
John Stubbs Owen Summers
Lansdowne Todd Schroeder (AD)
Monterey Jason Gammon (AD)
North Saanich Maryke Jones (AD)
Royal Oak David Lloyd
Adam Ravenhill (AD)
Rockheights Matt Harris
Shoreline Lara Thomas
James Stark
SMUS Jackie Cunningham (AD)
Spencer Brad Lidstone (AD)


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