Touch Rugby

Commissioner: Micha Seaberg, Shoreline

Coaches Package 2023

Jamboree Dates:
Tues Sept 19
Tues Sept 26
Tues Oct 3

Jamboree Locations:
Shoreline Middle School – Contact Micha Seaberg
SMUS Middle School – Contact Tom Hollingworth
Centre Mtn Lellum – Contact Leanne Bilous
Jamboree Sign Up 2023

  • Teams may select any one of the jamboree venues in which to participate provided they inform the respective commissionaires prior to the previous Friday of the jamboree date. At this time teams will determine whether they wish to participate in the recreational or competitive games at the venue. 
  • Individual players who do not have a team will be placed on a team at the respective venues. However, schools will be considered a “team” if 5 or more players are attending a jamboree. All teams must provide a school approved coach with their players. 
  • All students coming from a school with less than 5 players must have a representative of their school present at the jamboree in which they attend. With written permission of the respective administrators this may be a parent or guardian.


Teams may consist of any number of players, however a maximum of 7 players per team may be on the field at one time. Teams are encouraged to match the number of players on the other team or lend players where necessary to ensure both teams have the same number of players. Players may interchange from the side of the field as often as they wish. Players on the field must come to the sideline before an interchange can take place, with this only occurring near the halfway line. 

The games length will be 2 X 20 minute periods with a halftime of 5 minutes for one game. However, this will be adjusted to 2 X10 minute periods with a 2 minute halftime if 3 teams are at the location; and 2 X7 minute periods with a 2 minute halftime when 4 or more teams are at a location. 

Teams will be completely gender neutral and inclusive. This means that any combination of boys and girls in grades 6-8 will be allowed to play on a team together. With this understanding, each venue will facilitate one competitive game and one recreational game simultaneously. 

Field size rules are approx. 70 meters long by 50 meters wide, but must be no smaller than 50m by 35 m, with wide marked score lines, sidelines and a halfway line. 


International Touch Rules will apply however please see the following adaptations:

  • All knock-ons and forward passes will result in a turnover of position on the spot of the infraction. Balls that are deemed to go backwards are still in play and will be considered a live ball. This means any player on either team can collect the ball and continue to play. Should two or more players from opposing teams attempt to collect the ball at the SAME TIME then the whistle will be blown and a turn over of position will be awarded from the spot of the breakdown.
  • After a try has been scored the opposing team will start with the ball at half. 
  • After a turnover has occurred the team in possession of the ball must restart the game by stepping over the ball. Once this has occurred then the play can begin.
  • If a ball is taken out of bounds, the other team will gain possession of the ball 5 meters in from where the ball was taken out of bounds.
  • There can be no restarts of the game within 5 meters of the goal line.
  • No scrums, no lineouts, no kicking, no tackling, no rucks, no mauls.
  • During a restart all opposing players must be 5 meters back from the ball. The referee will set this line by standing on the offside line. Any infringement of this gap when the ball is played by the other team will result in an advantage being played; if no advantage has been gained then a 10 meter penalty will be awarded. This penalty can only occur once in succession. 
  • Once a penalty has been awarded the other team must retire 10 meters back from the infringement. The ball will be placed on the “mark” and must be tapped by a foot before play can continue.
  • A two hand touch must be made. The touch must be a touch, any pushing will result in a 10m penalty. Teams will have unlimited touches while maintaining possession.
  • Players may not knock a ball out of another player’s hand but may intercept a pass

Principles of inclusion and flexibility:

In the hopes of including as many different children as possible in this new LIMSSA activity, it is important that teams make every effort to welcome new players from other schools. Additionally, consideration will need to be given to the gender make-ups of the different teams (boys and girl dominated) and the ages of the players. Common sense must prevail in these situations and gender and age considerations may need to be adjusted to have equitable and enjoyable games.

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