Touch Rugby

New for Fall 2019

Commissioner: Micha Seaberg, Shoreline

Commission Meeting: Thursday September 12th @ 4:00pm at Maria Montessori

Jamboree Dates:
Tues Sept 24th
Tues Oct 1st
Tues Oct 9th

International Touch Rugby rules will be used.

Teams can consist of up to 14 players, with a maximum of 6 players on the field at any time, with players interchange from the side of the field as often as they wish. Players on the field must come to the sideline before an interchange can take place, with this only occurring near the halfway line.

International Touch Rugby rules state that if teams are mixed gender in composition, the maximum number of males allowed on the field of play is 3, the minimum male requirement on the field of play is 1, and the minimum female requirement on the field of play is 1. This gender ratio may need to be adjusted depending upon the number of male and female members on each team.

Depending on number of schools interested there may be a need to split into Grade 7/8 and Grade 6/7 categories. It may be possible though to play with Grade 6 to 8 all combined. It may also be possible to have recreational and competitive groupings within any of the above. Depending on the number of teams, it may also be possible to split into 2 or more geographic regions for games.

The game length is 2 X 20 minute periods with a halftime of 5 minutes for one game. However, this can be adjusted down to 2 X 10 minute periods with a 2 minute halftime if 3 teams are at a location, or 2 X 7 minute periods with a 2 minute halftime when 4 teams are at a location.

Field size rules are approx. 70m long by 50m wide but must be no smaller than 50m long by 35m, wide with marked score-lines, sidelines and a half-way line. Host schools will need to do what works for their field areas.

Short videos explaining Touch Rugby can be seen here.

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