Coach Service History

This page was developed to highlight and recognize those long standing coaches who have dedicated their life to student-athletes. The list below includes retired individuals who have coached school sports for 25+ years.

2023-24 Retirees:
Keith Grew
Keith has been a part of the school coaching community for the past 35 years. Keith’s coaching career began in 1987 at Lansdowne Junior high where he coached the Junior Girls Volleyball team to an Island Championship. From there Keith moved on to Colquitz Junior High where he spent years coaching several different sports, but primarily Jr Boys Basketball. During a decade-long stretch from 1990-2000, Keith (alongside longtime co-coach Mike Adams) developed a hugely successful program at Colquitz, which saw the team play in three Island Championships and go on to compete at three BC Championships. During his time at Colquitz Keith also coached the Jr Girls Soccer team to an Island championship and led the track team to many Island Championship competitions. When Colquitz became a middle school, Keith moved on to Spectrum Community school. While at Spectrum Keith coached Sr Girls soccer and developed one of the top Athletic Leadership programs on the Island. In his final years of teaching Keith took a job at Lambrick Park Secondary to be closer to home and the opportunity to coach one of his sons. At Lambrick Keith spent endless hours coaching several different sports. In the 2018/2019 season Keith led the Jr Boys Basketball team to a City Championship, Island Championship and a 6th place finish in the BC Championship. From there he moved on to coach alongside Ed Somers and in the 2021/2022 season helped lead the Sr. Boys Basketball team to an Island Championship and eventually the BC Championship final game. At the end of the 2021/2022 season Keith coached (alongside Tom Turnbull) the Lambrick Park Sr. Boys Track and Field team to its first ever Boys BC Championship. Keith has given endless hours to help kids and sport in our community over his career. Wherever he has gone Keith has been a great leader, mentor and coach who has seen success in a variety of sports. Keith’s energy and leadership will truly be missed at LP and in the sporting community. We wish Keith all the best in his retirement and out on the golf course!

Trish Bourassa
Trish joined the office staff at Lambrick Park in 1992 and has spent every year since as one of the biggest contributors to Lambrick Park Athletics. In a span of 32 years, Trish has sponsored teams in almost every sport from volleyball to basketball to soccer. She also spent years managing and coaching our Swim and Golf teams. Trish has truly contributed more to Lambrick Park athletics than any other person in our building over the past 30 years. Whenever parents, athletes, coaches and athletic directors had questions, Trish has always been the go-to. Trish’s retirement truly signals the end of a great era at Lambrick Park. Thank you, Trish Bourassa, for your amazing career and unparalleled dedication and commitment to athletics and our school. You have truly been the heart of LP for decades and we will be lost without you. Enjoy retirement and hope you find lots of time for golf and relaxation; you truly deserve it.



2022-23 Retirees:

Bernie Kidd
Bernie started teaching and coaching in the Victoria school district in the early 1990’s at various schools, and then in September of 1997 Bernie Kidd began his 26 year teaching career at Mount Doug.  It took all of 2 weeks before Bernie had volunteered to help coach the Rams soccer, field hockey and track & field teams. Now over a quarter of a century later, Bernie is still a coaching force for Mount Doug. After becoming Mount Doug Athletic Director in 1998, Bernie oversaw Mt Doug Athletics for over a decade helping guide Mt Doug to be one of the top sports schools in BC. It was also this time when Bernie became Mt. Doug’s number one cheerleader as his vocal enthusiasm was regularly on display hosting Pep Rallies and Championship ceremonies. Coaching or sponsoring a multitude of teams every year ranging from the 2002 BC Champion Girls Volleyball team to the 70 person strong bowling team at Mayfair Lanes, Bernie has helped share his contagious energy for Mount Doug sports with thousands of student athletes. However, during this time, Bernie’s true passion has been as the head coach for Mount Doug’s track & field team. For over two decades, Bernie guided the Rams to be one of the top programs in BC with numerous top 10 team results at the Provincial Championships and dozens of individual medalists.

Harvey Thorau
Harvey Thorau began his journey at GNS in 1984, teaching Grade 7 at Glenlyon Preparatory School. He also coached cross-country, volleyball and basketball, laying the foundation for his lifelong commitment to our athletic programs. In 1988—following the amalgamation of Glenlyon and Norfolk House—Harvey moved to the Pemberton Woods Campus in the Senior School, initially teaching PE and Social Studies. From 1991 to 1992, he served as the Director of Athletics. He continued his involvement in coaching, first with the Junior Boys Volleyball and then with the Senior Boys Basketball teams. The latter became his true passion and he has devoted an incalculable number of hours to mentoring our Gryphons through more than three decades of successful seasons – 35 seasons to be exact. One of the all time winningnest coaches in BC ‘A’ history – during his tenure Harvey’s teams won the ‘A’ Island Championships 14 times, and made it to the ‘A’ Provincial Championship Game 4 times. One of his coaching career highlights was leading the team, with his sons playing, to 3 consecutive appearances in the ‘A’ Provincial finals. GNS came out victorious in their Gr. 12 year, capturing the 2007 Provincial title in which Kyle was named to the 1st All-Star team and Tyler named Tournament MVP. Harvey’s dedication and commitment to our school have been unparalleled, and he has played a vital role in strengthening the GNS community and has provided an exceptional example our school motto of doing your best through truth and courage.

Lana Rud
Lana Rud has been a teacher for 34 years. During her long and illustrious career Lana has been actively involved in sports at school and in her personal life. Many of you may not realize this but Lana is an accomplished powerlifter, which includes bench press, squat and deadlift. Lana recently placed 1st provincially in the deadlift! While teaching at Monterey, Lana organized and ran the athletics program for many years and was instrumental in promoting basketball, track and field, cross country and volleyball. Perhaps Lana’s greatest athletic accomplishments can be seen in Monterey’s ‘Hall of Fame’ where she lead the junior boys basketball team to the city finals, placing 1st in 2008/09 when her son Matt was on the team. During the 2018/2019 season her senior boys team won the Lower Island title AND went to provincials! Lana and husband Jeff were fixtures in the basketball world for many years at Monterey and in the community. They coached the Vancouver Island zone team to a bronze medal at the B.C. Summer Games in 2016 and spent a number of years coaching U15 and U16 teams through the Basketball BC and Vikes Nation programs. Lana will be ending her career on a high note with a summer trip to Italy to celebrate the marriage of her son Matt. The staff at Monterey wish her happy travels and thank her for all her hard work in promoting sports and athletics to many students during her teaching career.

Derek Brooker
Derek Brooker: the man, the myth, the legend. A man who has had a career that is unparalleled. Not only an amazing educator, but a person that has dedicated thousands and thousands of hours to athletics and school culture. You can always find Brooker coaching something. From ultimate, to touch rugby, to tackle rugby, to volleyball, to soccer, to soft ball, to his true passion, basketball. Derek has been committed to Glanford Middle School athletics for two decades. He has coached both girls and boys volleyball and basketball at GMS since 2004. His girls basketball team were City Champs in 2012 and runners up in 2010 and 2015, with 3rd place finishes in 2009 and 2015. His commitment and dedication also expands into games that exist only at GMS, thanks to his devotion to creating a rich school culture. Boomball, Cageball and Juggy are just a few that more than 2/3rds of our school participates in. Derek is also a prominent member in athletics in the community, coaching basketball night league, Cordova Bay Soccer Club, Cordova Bay Softball boys and girls, Western Canadian U18 Girls champions, Hyacinth Women’s Softball as well as umpiring softball in his ‘spare’ time. Glanford will not be the same without Derek’s energy, passion, dedication and love of athletics. Thank you Derek Brooker for your amazing career and unparalleled dedication and commitment to athletics.

          Legacy List of LVISSAA & LIMSSA Coaches 

School Name Years of Service
Arbutus Ferrier, Dave 28
Arbutus McKinnon, Brian 25
Arbutus Straith, Julie 26
Bayside Timmermans, Ed 27
Bayside MacDonald, Rod 25
Bayside Lampard, Tim 28
Bayside Rogers, Ray 33
Bayside Fiddick, Rod 27
Belmont Cullen, Cindy 27
Belmont Holmes, Tom 29
Belmont Toakley, Mike 29
Belmont Bryant, Muzz 37
Belmont O’Neill, Patti 29
Belmont Spotswood, Bill 37
Belmont Savoie, Diane 30
Belmont Baker, Val 34
Belmont Ken Lowe 32
Cedar Hill Howe, John 30
Central Duval, Roger 33
Claremont Moore, Pam 25
Claremont Lundeen, Lorna 26
Claremont Simmonds, Peter 30
Claremont Kubek, Ed 30
Claremont Lundeen, Ken 25
Claremont Latta, Doug 25
Claremont Pereira, Vijay 25
Colquitz Rimmer, Kelly 30
Colquitz McIntyre, Brian 31
Colquitz Sihota, Nimby 31
Esquimalt Saprunoff, Sam 30
Esquimalt Johnston, Gary 32
Esquimalt Roberts, Colin 27
Esquimalt Fortier, Patricia 35
Esquimalt Money, Helen 31
Esquimalt Roberts, Colin 26
Esquimalt Rushton, Peter 31
Esquimalt Wallace, Jim 27
Esquimalt Marlatt, Frank 28
Glanford Derek Brooker 25
Glanford Rushton, Brenda 25
Glanford Scigliano, Louie 34
GNS Harvey Thorau 39
GNS Jackson, Andrew 25
GNS Jackson, Mully 25
GNS Drever, Sandy 25
GNS Blake, Tom 25
Gordon Head Kelly, Brent 25
Lambrick Park Steve Szatmary 35
Lambrick Park Vitale, Rocky 36
Lambrick Park McInnes, Chris 28
Lambrick Park Tate, Linda 25
Lambrick Park Barber, Stu 33
Lambrick Park Johnstone, Linda 32
Lambrick Park Turnbull, Tom 40
Lambrick Park Murphy, Steve 31
Lambrick Park Keith Grew 35
Lambrick Park Trish Bourassa 32
Lansdowne Wutzke, Rick 28
Lansdowne Andrews, Shelley 31
Mt. Doug Bernie Kidd 30
Monterey Evans, Karen 25
Monterey Lana Rud 34
Mt. Doug Gill, Stan 33
NSMS Pimlot, Dave 30
NSMS Corbett, Larry 30
Oak Bay Sheffer, Mike 32
Oak Bay Butler, Keith 28
Oak Bay Thomson, David 39
Oak Bay Allen, Murray 34
Oak Bay DiLalla, Yeta 28
Oak Bay Johnston, Gary 32
Oak Bay Jerry Carter 29
Oak Bay Dean Christante 26
Oak Bay/ Esquimalt Ball, Russ 30
Parkland Chan, Lorne 33
Parkland Fitzgerald, Mickey 26
Parkland Pires, Roger 25
Parkland Dockerill, Sylvia 27
Parkland Burgess, Don 35
PCS Reems, Bill 29
PCS Ryan, Neil 25
PCS Wild, Will 25
Reynolds Kelly, Laura 29
Reynolds Knappett, Kate 26
Reynolds Ravenhill, Dave 33
Reynolds Benson, Heather 30
Reynolds Humble, Phil 29
Reynolds Christensen, Ken 29
Rockheights Backhouse, Dave 26
Rockheights Hunter, Wayne 25
Royal Oak Stewart, Angus 30
Royal Oak Say, Dennis 29
Royal Oak Campbell, Heather 34
Royal Oak Carmine Sparanese 28
Shoreline Brodsgaard, Kjeld 28
Shoreline Paul, Bruce 30
Shoreline Pelton, Jan 32
SMUS McIntyre, John 34
SMUS DeGoede, Jim 35
SMUS Pollock, Don 31
SMUS Van Alstine, Lindy 28
SMUS Mollenhauer, Nancy 30
Spectrum Penner, Mike 27
Spectrum Foreman, Lance 32
Spectrum Mackie, Sharon 31
Spectrum McConnan, Jim 30
Spectrum Hutchings, Dave 36
Spectrum Bekkers, Joe 25
Spencer Peterson, John 30
St. Margaret’s Dykes, Debbie 35
St. Michaels Judy Tobacco 32
St. Michaels Bruce Kuklinski 33
St. Michaels Nancy Mollenhaur 30
St. Patrick’s Hoffner, Lisa 25
Stelly’s Lynne Montgomery 30
Stelly’s Smyth, Kevin 34
Stelly’s Wenman, John 40
Stelly’s Humphrey, Keith 29
Stelly’s Milligan, Joe 34
Stelly’s Gord Redlin 37
Stelly’s Tooby, Dave 30
Vic High Girard, Craig 29
Vic High Hawkins, Gill 44
Vic High Blackstock, Donna 29
Vic High Girard, Craig 26
Vic High Hawkins, Gill 39
Vic High Costain, Kevin 28
Vic High Lane, Cathie 26
Vic High Mallory, Marion 36
School Dist.61 Ashmore, Ed 53


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