Coach Service History

This page was developed to highlight and recognize those long standing coaches who have dedicated their life to student-athletes. The list below includes retired individuals who have coached school sports for 25+ years.

2020-21 Retirees:

Kelly Rimmer 
Kelly Rimmer has been investing in athletes’ lives for 33 years, in the community as well as in the Victoria school district.  Her leadership and dedication to coaching has equaled thousands of hours on the volleyball and basketball court, track and field, the soccer pitch and on the ball field, always treating children, coaches and referees with patience and respect.  One of her favourite memories of coaching is when she was at Hampton school and ran a select co-ed team that would take part in weekend tournaments at Macaulay and McKenzie school.  She then also became a sponsor coach at Colquitz Jr. High, travelling up and down the island for many tournaments.  Her mantra has always been that, “Kids have to be learning something, and they have to be having fun.”  It has always been exciting for Kelly to coach excited grade 6 students, new to Middle School, who know nothing and end up improving so much.  Kelly is proud to say that she has worked with amazing coaches and has learned so much from watching them.   Leading by example through her exceptional commitment and responsibility, her shoes are going to be hard to fill at Colquitz, where she has run a successful program for over a decade.  It’s late, Kelly.  Time to go home. 

Rob Parker
Rob has contributed so much to our community as a teacher and administrator, throughout his career.  Having seen Rob in action during his time at Arbutus, one area where his contributions really stood out, was athletics.  It’s safe to say that over his career, Rob has had the chance to coach or directly support every sport our schools offer at one time or another.  Making sure that his students had a chance to play for their school has always been something Rob was willing to give up his own time for.  For the many, many students that have benefitted from his time, Rob’s willingness to step up for school sports has undoubtedly made a positive lasting impact on their lives. Rob is a passionate coach and is always willing to step up to make sure students have a chance to play for their school.  Spending time with Rob-as-coach, you see right away that his first priority is for kids to feel comfortable participating – regardless of skill level or other challenges they may be facing in their lives.  You just have to take a quick look around Rob’s office to see the heartfelt notes from students who really valued Rob’s time as their coach and mentor.

Tom Turnbull
Tom started coaching school sports in 1983 at Central, then onto Stelly’s and Mt. Newton for 1984 and 1985. He spent 1985-1990 as a teacher-coach in Torrance, California. From 1990-1994, he worked and coached at Mt. Newton, Stelly’s, Oak Bay, Arbutus and Shoreline. He finally found his home at Lambrick Park in September 1994. Mr. Turnbull, Mr. T, Tom, Thomas, Tommy T, Tommy Tuff, T-Dog, Mr. Dork, Don Cherry, and of course, Elvis, has been the “go to guy” at Lambrick for years. Tom brings LP to life every morning with a smile on his face, playing music and reading the daily announcements as students settle into their classes. It’s hard to imagine not having Tommy T at Lambrick – from King & Queen of the Hill, track & field, cross country, roller hockey, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and a reminder of every holiday and tradition that exists. Tom is ALWAYS involved at LP, and always with energy and a smile. Tom has taken teams to Island Championships, BC Championships and travel trips to California, Oregon, Washington, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. He has won Provincial Championships as a coach (or assistant coach) in track & field, cross country, roller hockey and soccer. Always willing to coach, cheer, help and be someone to rely on. Tom truly is the perfect example of a great teacher-coach; someone that all teachers should strive to be. Tom truly cares about every student he has ever taught and every staff member that he has ever worked with. He is always up for a good chat at the track, on the field, in the gym, or in the hall with anybody that he has crossed paths with. Tom always takes the time to make you feel like he truly cares. Tom has made Lambrick Park what it is today. The world would be a much better place with more Tommy T’s in it.


          Legacy List of LVISSAA & LIMSSA Coaches 

School Name Years of Service
Arbutus Ferrier, Dave 28
Arbutus McKinnon, Brian 25
Arbutus Straith, Julie 26
Bayside Timmermans, Ed 27
Bayside MacDonald, Rod 25
Bayside Lampard, Tim 28
Bayside Rogers, Ray 33
Bayside Fiddick, Rod 27
Belmont Cullen, Cindy 27
Belmont Holmes, Tom 29
Belmont Toakley, Mike 29
Belmont Bryant, Muzz 37
Belmont O’Neill, Patti 29
Belmont Spotswood, Bill 37
Belmont Savoie, Diane 30
Belmont Baker, Val 34
Cedar Hill Howe, John 30
Central Duval, Roger 33
Claremont Moore, Pam 25
Claremont Lundeen, Lorna 26
Claremont Simmonds, Peter 30
Claremont Kubek, Ed 30
Claremont Lundeen, Ken 25
Claremont Latta, Doug 25
Claremont Pereira, Vijay 25
Colquitz Rimmer, Kelly 30
Colquitz McIntyre, Brian 31
Colquitz Sihota, Nimby 31
Esquimalt Saprunoff, Sam 30
Esquimalt Johnston, Gary 32
Esquimalt Roberts, Colin 27
Esquimalt Fortier, Patricia 35
Esquimalt Money, Helen 31
Esquimalt Roberts, Colin 26
Esquimalt Rushton, Peter 31
Esquimalt Wallace, Jim 27
Esquimalt Marlatt, Frank 28
Glanford Rushton, Brenda 25
Glanford Scigliano, Louie 34
GNS Jackson, Andrew 25
GNS Jackson, Mully 25
GNS Drever, Sandy 25
GNS Blake, Tom 25
Gordon Head Kelly, Brent 25
Lambrick Park Vitale, Rocky 30
Lambrick Park McInnes, Chris 28
Lambrick Park Tate, Linda 25
Lambrick Park Barber, Stu 33
Lambrick Park Johnstone, Linda 32
Lambrick Park Turnbull, Tom 39
Lambrick Park Murphy, Steve 31
Lansdowne Wutzke, Rick 28
Lansdowne Andrews, Shelley 31
Monterey Evans, Karen 25
Mt. Doug Gill, Stan 33
NSMS Pimlot, Dave 30
NSMS Corbett, Larry 30
Oak Bay Sheffer, Mike 32
Oak Bay Butler, Keith 28
Oak Bay Thomson, David 39
Oak Bay Allen, Murray 34
Oak Bay DiLalla, Yeta 28
Oak Bay Johnston, Gary 32
Oak Bay/ Esquimalt Ball, Russ 30
Parkland Chan, Lorne 33
Parkland Fitzgerald, Mickey 26
Parkland Pires, Roger 25
Parkland Dockerill, Sylvia 27
Parkland Burgess, Don 35
PCS Reems, Bill 29
PCS Ryan, Neil 25
PCS Wild, Will 25
Reynolds Kelly, Laura 29
Reynolds Knappett, Kate 26
Reynolds Ravenhill, Dave 33
Reynolds Benson, Heather 30
Reynolds Humble, Phil 29
Reynolds Christensen, Ken 29
Rockheights Backhouse, Dave 26
Rockheights Hunter, Wayne 25
Royal Oak Stewart, Angus 30
Royal Oak Say, Dennis 29
Royal Oak Campbell, Heather 34
Shoreline Brodsgaard, Kjeld 28
Shoreline Paul, Bruce 30
Shoreline Pelton, Jan 32
SMUS McIntyre, John 34
SMUS DeGoede, Jim 35
SMUS Pollock, Don 31
SMUS Van Alstine, Lindy 28
SMUS Mollenhauer, Nancy 30
Spectrum Penner, Mike 27
Spectrum Foreman, Lance 32
Spectrum Mackie, Sharon 31
Spectrum McConnan, Jim 30
Spectrum Hutchings, Dave 36
Spectrum Bekkers, Joe 25
Spencer Peterson, John 30
St. Margaret’s Dykes, Debbie 35
St. Patrick’s Hoffner, Lisa 25
Stelly’s Smyth, Kevin 34
Stelly’s Wenman, John 40
Stelly’s Humphrey, Keith 29
Stelly’s Milligan, Joe 34
Stelly’s Tooby, Dave 30
Vic High Girard, Craig 29
Vic High Hawkins, Gill 44
Vic High Blackstock, Donna 29
Vic High Girard, Craig 26
Vic High Hawkins, Gill 39
Vic High Costain, Kevin 28
Vic High Lane, Cathie 26
Vic High Mallory, Marion 36
School Dist.61 Ashmore, Ed 53


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