Sr Girls Soccer

  Commissioner:  Jackie Cunningham, SMUS;

  • All scores must be reported by Friday April 26th at 9:00 am.
  • Ranking in tier from League determines ranking for Island Championships.
  • Teams not participating in Ryan Cup may arrange own exhibition games.

2019 Senior Girls Soccer Participating Teams & Field Location

Teams & Field Location with start times.  Please be prompt with start times.
Claremont @ Lochside Turf at 3:30 pm GNS @ GNS Turf at 3:45 pm
Mt. Doug @ Tyndall Turf at 3:30 pm Lambrick @  at Tyndall Turf at 3:30 pm
Oak Bay @ Oak Bay Turf at 3:30 pm Parkland @ Blue Heron at 3:45 pm
Reynolds @ Braefoot Turf at 3:20 pm Brookes Westshore @ JDF Field at 3:45pm
Spectrum @ Hampton Turf at 3:30 pm Edward Milne @ Sooke Turf at 3:45pm
Stelly’s @ Centennial Field at 3:30 pm SMUS @ School Field @ 3:45 pm 
 Belmont @ Belmont Turf at 3:45 pm St. Andrew’s @ Reynolds Park at 3:30 pm
Royal Bay @ Royal Bay Turf at 3:30 pm Esquimalt High @ School Field at 3:45 pm
  Vic High @ School Field at 3:45 pm

2019 Senior Girls Soccer Schedule

as of March 7

Tuesday March 12  
  Brookes @ St. Andrews Ed Milne @ SMUS Esquimalt @ Parkland GNS @ Lambrick
Thursday March 14  
  St. Andrews @ Parkland Vic High @ Lambrick Brookes @ GNS Ed Milne @ Esquimalt
Tuesday April 2
Belmont @ Stelly’s (Layritz) Mt. Doug @ Claremont Reynolds @ Spectrum Oak Bay @ Royal Bay Parkland @ Ed Milne Lambrick @ Esquimalt SMUS @ Brookes St. Andrew @ Vic High
Thursday April 4th
Mt. Doug @ Oak Bay (moved to April 8) Spectrum @ Stelly’s (Layritz) Claremont @ Reynolds Belmont @ Royal Bay Lambrick @ Parkland Ed Milne @ Vic High GNS @ SMUS Esquimalt @ St. Andrews
Tuesday April 9th
 Oak Bay @ Claremont Belmont @ Reynolds Spectrum @ Mt. Doug Royal Bay @ Stelly’s GNS @ Parkland St. Andrews  @ Ed Milne Vic High @ Brookes SMUS @ Esquimalt
Thursday April 11th – UVIC VIKES INVITATIONAL ** possible make up day
Reynolds @ Mt. Doug  
Tuesday April 16th
Claremont @ Belmont Stelly’s @ Oak Bay Spectrum @ Royal Bay Parkland @ SMUS Lambrick @ St. Andrews Esquimalt @ Brookes GNS @ Vic High
Thursday April 18th
Reynolds @ Stelly’s Oak Bay @ Spectrum Belmont @ Mt. Doug Royal Bay @ Claremont SMUS @ Lambrick Vic High @ Esquimalt GNS @ St. Andrews Ed Milne @ Brookes
Tuesday April 23rd
Oak Bay @ Belmont Mt. Doug @ Stelly’s Claremont @ Spectrum Royal Bay @ Reynolds GNS @ Ed Milne Lambrick @ Brookes Vic High @ Parkland SMUS @ St. Andrews
Thursday April 25th
Spectrum @ Belmont Reynolds @ Oak Bay Stelly’s @ Claremont (Moved to April 3) Mt. Doug @ Royal Bay Brookes @ Parkland Vic High @ SMUS Ed Milne @ Lambrick Esquimalt @ GNS

2019 League Playoffs – RYAN CUP


#4 Stelly’s @ #1 SMUS  – 3:45pm
#3 Oak Bay @ #2 GNS – 3:45pm
# 3 St Andrews @ #2 Reynolds – 3:00pm
#4  Ed milne @ #1 Royal Bay – 3:30pm


Location SMUS Campus GNS Campus Braefoot Park Royal Bay Turf
Thursday, May 2nd RYAN CUP SEMIFINALS  G5: SMUS (W1) vs Reynolds (W3) G6: Oak Bay (W2) vs Royal Bay (W4)  Location @SMUS @ UVIC Turf
Tuesday, May 7th RYAN CUP FINAL – G7: Reynolds (W5) vs Oak Bay (W6) Location @ UVIC Turf

2018 Sr Girls Island Championships

SG A SOCCER ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIP May 9-10 hosted by St. Andrews – Tournament Draw
SG AA SOCCER ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIP May 13-14 hosted by Brentwood College
SG AAA SOCCER ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIP May 13-14 hosted by Oak Bay – Tournament Draw 

A BC Championship hosted by NaKusp Secondary on May 30-June 1. AA BC Championship hosted by Carihi High, Campbell River on May 30-June 1. AAA BC Championship hosted by Surrey on May 30-June 1.  

2019 Senior Girls  Soccer Results

Senior Girls Soccer Results Standings

2019 Senior Girls Soccer Coaches’ List 

Claremont Rachel Yager Darren Reisig
Mt Doug Jim Buchan
  Derek Horton
Oak Bay Kate Baker
  Rich Fast
Reynolds Mike Warren
Spectrum Darien Peereboom Mark Yorath
Stelly’s Jenny Large
Belmont Katie Gaetz Rodney Marsielle
Royal Bay Brian Hobson Moira Hood
Esquimalt Kaleigh Simons Wren Chester
GNS Sonny Pawar
 Lambrick Chelsea Carroll Daniel Duerden
Parkland Kirsten Dibblee
Brookes Westshore Aija Salvador Todd Turkington
Edward Milne Kelly Hunter Glyse Clarkston Cari Ormiston
Vic High Niki Lukat Adrien Herlaar
SMUS Nikki Kaufmann
  Lindsay Brooke
St Andrews Erin Delude


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