Field Hockey

2019 Commissioner: Melissa Puckett, Reynolds

Coaches Package 2020

Competititve Teams:
AAA:  Oak Bay, Mt Doug, Claremont, 
AA:  GNS, SMUS, Lambrick Park

Developmental Teams:
Oak Bay D, Reynolds, SMUS D, GNS D, Claremont D

2019 Pre-Season Jamboree – September 11
 – Schedule – 

2019 League Results & Standings
Competitive League Results
Development League Results

Competitive & Developmental Schedule

2019 Schedule as of  Sept 13

Field Developmental  Division  Field Competitive Division
 Monday, September 16
GNS 4:30 GNS D vs SMUS Blue GNS 3:30 GNS vs Claremont
4:30 Reynolds vs SMUS Red H20 3:30 Mt. Doug vs Lambrick
H20  4:30 SMUS vs Oak Bay
 Wednesday, September 18
H20 3:30 Reynolds vs SMUS Blue Field 3 4:00 GNS vs SMUS
3:30 Oak Bay D vs SMUS Red H20 4:30  Claremont vs Mt Doug
 Monday, September 23
2A 3:30 GNS D vs Reynolds H20 3:30 SMUS vs Lambrick
3:30 Oak Bay D vs SMUS Blue H20 4:30  Oak Bay vs Claremont
Wednesday, September 25 
H20  4:30 Oak Bay D vs Reynolds H20 3:30  GNS vs Lambrick 
4:30 SMUS  Red vs GNS D Field 3 4:00  Mt Douglas vs Oak Bay
Monday, September 30
GNS 4:30  GNS D vs Oak Bay D GNS 3:30 GNS vs Mt. Doug
  4:30 SMUS Blue vs SMUS Red H20 3:30 SMUS vs Claremont
H20 4:30  Lambrick vs Oak Bay 
Wednesday  October 2
H20 4:30 Reynolds vs SMUS Blue  H20 3:30 SMUS vs Mt. Doug
4:30 Oak Bay D vs SMUS Red Field 3  4:00 Oak Bay vs Claremont
Monday, October 7
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H20 4:30 Oak Bay D vs Reynolds  2A 3:30  SMUS vs Lambrick Park 
H20 3:30  GNS vs Oak Bay 
Wednesday, October 9
Field 3 4:00 SMUS D vs GNS D H20 3:30  Mt. Doug vs Oak Bay
H20 4:30 Lambrick vs Claremont
Wednesday, October 16
H20 4:30 GNS D vs Oak Bay D H20 3:30  GNS vs SMUS
Field 3   4:00 Mt. Doug vs Claremont
Monday, October 21
GNS 3:30 GNS D vs Reynolds GNS 4:30  GNS vs Lambrick
H20 4:30  SMUS vs Oak Bay H2O 3:30 SMUS vs Oak Bay
Wednesday, October 23
H20 3:30 SMUS D vs Reynolds Field 3 4:00 Lambrick vs Mt. Doug
    H2O 4:30 GNS vs SMUS
Monday, October 28 May Tully Shield – top AA team plays top AAA team on H20 Turf

Development League Islands 2019

Tuesday October 29th @ Shawnigan Lake School

Playoffs 2019

AA Islands: October 25-26 @ UVic * TBC 
AA BC Championship: Nov 6-8 @ UVic hosted by Lambrick Park
AAA Islands: Nov 1-2  @ Cowichan
AAA BC Championship: Nov 13-15th @ North Vancouver

2019 League Results & Standings

Competitive League – 2019
Development League – 2019

2019 Competitive & Developmental FH Coaches’ List 

Team Name Role Email
  Jackie Snell Athletic Co-ordinator
GNS (x2) Bunny Hughes Coach
  Andrew Jackson Coach
  Simrin Kaloti Assis.Coach
  Ali Doerkson Athletic Director
SMUS David Kerr Coach
  Stefanie Sloboda Coach
SMUS 2 Nancy Mollenhauer Coach
  Julie Williams Coach
Oak Bay Heather Benson Coach
  Kira Starr Coach
  Milena Gaiga Manager
Oak Bay 2 Laura Smith Coach
  Milena Gaiga Coach
Mt. Doug Cathy Boraston Manager
  Shibby Claire Coach
  Kyla Kirby Coach
Lambrick Park Jeremy Ross Coach
  Nancy Phagura Manager
  Gary Baker Athletic Director
Claremont Carol Taylor Coach
  Kolette Cristante
  Darren Reisig Athletic Director
Reynolds Lindsay Wright Coach
  Melissa Puckett Coach


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