Field Hockey

2018 Season Information will be updated in September


2017 Commissioner: Bunny Hughes; GNS:

Competititve Teams:
AAA:  Oak Bay, Mt Doug

Developmental Teams:
Oak Bay D, Reynolds, SMUS D, GNS D, Lambrick, Claremont

Competitive & Developmental Schedule

Schedule as of October 1:

Field Developmental  Division  Field Competitive Division
 Monday, September 18
GNS 4:30 GNS D vs Oak Bay D GNS 3:30 GNS vs Oak Bay
H20 4:30 SMUS D vs Reynolds H20 3:30 Mt. Doug vs SMUS
 Wednesday, September 20
H20  3:30 Claremont vs Lambrick H20 4:30 GNS vs Mt. Doug
2B 4:00 Oak Bay D vs Reynolds 3 4:00 SMU vs Oak Bay
 Monday, September 25
GNS 4:30 GNS D vs Lambrick GNS 3:30 GNS vs SMUS
H20 4:30 Reynolds vs Claremont H20 3:30  Oak Bay vs Mt. Doug
Wednesday, September 27 
H20  3:30 GNS D vs Oak Bay D H20 4:30  GNS vs Oak Bay
2B 4:00 SMUS D vs Claremont Field 3 4:00  Mt Douglas vs SMUS
Monday, October 2
GNS 4:30 GNS D vs SMUS D  GNS 3:30 GNS vs Claremont
H20 4:30 Reynolds vs Lambrick H20 3:30  Oak Bay vs SMUS
Wednesday  October 4
H20 3:30 Oak Bay D vs SMUS D  H20 4:30 GNS vs SMUS
2B 4:00 GNS D vs Claremont Field 3  4:00 Mount Doug vs Oak Bay
Monday, October 9: Thanksgiving          No Games
Wednesday, October 11
H20 3:30 Oak Bay D vs Lambrick  H20 4:30  Oak Bay vs Mt. Doug
Field 3 4:00 SMUS D vs Reynolds   SMUS away GNS Bye
Monday, October 16
H20 4:30 Oak Bay D vs Claremont  H20 3:30  GNS vs Oak Bay
2B 4:00 SMUS D vs Lambrick Field 3 4:00 SMUS vs Mt. Doug
Wednesday, October 18
H20 3:30 GNS D vs Reynolds   H20 4:30  GNS vs SMUS
Field 3 4:00 Lambrick vs Claremont   OB and MD Byes
Monday, October 23 Competitive Division Playoffs
H20 4:30 May Tully Shield top AA team SMUS plays top AAA team Mt. Doug
Monday, October 23 Development Division Playoffs
H2o 3:30 1 vs 4 (Semi 1)
2B 4:00 2 vs 3 (Semi 2)
Wednesday, October 25 Development Division Playoffs
H20 4:30 W Semi 1 vs W Semi 2
2b 4:00 5 vs 6

Development League Islands

Friday October 27th @ UVIC – To Be Confirmed 


AA Islands: October 27-28 @ GNS
AA BC Championship: November 8-10 (Surrey)
AAA Islands: Nov 3-4  Hosted by the North
AAA BC Championship: November 15-17 (Richmond)

2017 League Results & Standings


Click here to see the most recent results

2017 Competitive & Developmental FH Coaches’ List

Team Name Role Email
  Jackie Snell Athletic Co-ordinator
GNS (x2) Bunny Hughes Coach
  Andrew Jackson Coach
  Simrin Kaloti Assis.Coach
  Ali Doerkson Athletic Director
SMUS Nancy Mullenhauer Coach
  David Kerr Coach
SMUS 2 Stefanie Sloboda Coach
  Julie Williams Coach
Oak Bay Kolette Coach
  Kira Starr Coach
  Milena Gaiga Manager
Oak Bay 2 Heather Benson Coach
  Milena Gaiga Coach
Mt. Doug Cathy Boraston Manager
  Kathryn Dawson Manager
  Andrea Rushton Coach
  Lindsay Cole Coach lindsayrcole@gmail,com
Lambrick Park Shibby Claire Coach
  Gary Baker Athletic Director
Claremont Carol Taylor Coach
  Darren Reisig Athletic Director
Reynolds Kate Knappett Coach
  Melissa Puckett Coach








2016 Competitive & Developmental FH Results

SG AA Field Hockey Competitive League Results
3 Lambrick
SG AAA Field Hockey Competitive League Results
1 Mt. Doug
2 Oak Bay
Developmental Field Hockey League Results
1 Oak Bay Developmental
2 GNS Developmental
3 SMUS Developmental
4 Reynolds
May Tully Shield – Top AA vs Top AAA
2 Mt. Doug



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