Senior Badminton

2024  Commissioner: Brian Willing, belmont

A League Teams:  Claremont, Mt. Doug, Oak Bay, SMUS  – Games in green.
B League Teams:  East Division – Vic High,  GNS, Esquimalt, Victor Brodeur, Parkland- Games in Red.
B League Teams:  West Division – PCS/St. Margarets, Spectrum,  Belmont, Edward Milne, Royal Bay -Games in Blue.

2024 Senior Badminton A and B League Schedule

Updated April 3, 4

A League B League 
East Division
B League
West Division
  Tuesday April 9th  
Oak Bay @ SMUS
Claremont @ Mt. Doug
Parkland @ Esquimalt
Brodeur @ Vic High
PCS/SMS @ Belmont
Spectrum @ Royal Bay
Thursday April 11th
No games scheduled GNS @ Parkland
Esquimalt @ Brodeur
Belmont @ Spectrum
PCS/SMS @ Ed Milne
Tuesday April 16th
 SMUS @ Mt. Doug Oak Bay @ Claremont Vic High @GNS
Brodeur @ Parkland 
Royal Bay @ Ed Milne
Spectrum @ PCS/SMS
Thursday April 18th
Oak Bay @ Mt. Doug  
Claremont @
Vic High @ Esquimalt
GNS @ Brodeur
Ed Milne @ Belmont 
Royal Bay @ PCS/SMS
Tuesday April 23rd
Mt. Doug @ Claremont
SMUS @ Oak Bay
Parkland @ Vic High
Esquimalt @ GNS
Belmont @ Royal Bay
Ed Milne @ Spectrum
Thursday April 25th
No games scheduled Challenge Game
G1: West 5 @ East 4
Challenge Game
G2: East 5 @ West 4
Tuesday April 30th
SMUS @ Claremont
Mt. Doug @ Oak Bay
City Playoffs
G1: (East 3 @ West 2)
G2: WCG2 @ East 1
City Playoffs
G3: (West 3 @ East 2)
G4: WCG1 @ West 1
Thursday May 2nd
Mt. Doug @ SMUS
Claremont @ Oak Bay
City Playoffs
G5: WG1 vs WG2
City Playoffs
G6: WG3 vs WG4
Tuesday May 7th
Make Up Day City Playoffs
G7: WG5 vs WG6
City Playoff
G8: LG5 v LG6


May 10, 2024 – Island Badminton Championship  @ Mt. Doug
A League Teams only. More info to be found here.
May 30 – June 1 2024 BC Badminton Championship – Location TBA
A League Teams only.  Top __ teams from, Island Championship.

2024 Badminton Results

League Results

Final Standings:
A League:

B League:

2024 Senior Badminton A and B Coaches’ List

A league

School Coach Email Contact Email
Claremont Klaudia Laszlo
Darren Reisig
Mt. Doug Christian Siu Chris Ball
Oak Bay Derrick Norton Richard Fast
SMUS Lawrence Wong Lindsay Brooke


B League

School Coach Email Contact Email
Belmont Brian Willing  
Parkland Heather Hardy Bryan Sutton
GNS Pat Giommi
Duncan Brice
PCS/St. Margarets Colin Johnson John Stewart
Spectrum Jonathan Berry jberry@sd61.bc.a Michelle Hansen mhansen@sd61.bc.a
 Victor Broduer Michael Cameron Simon Delort
Esquimalt Ken Henderson
Michael Rak
Mike Thompson
 Edward Milne Mark Barrie Amy Hawkings
Royal Bay Kelly Steadman Brian Hobson
Vic High Greg Pitre Matt Phillips
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