Grade 6/7 Girls Basketball

2021 Commissioner: James Rhodes, Cathedral Christian (Competitive) & Zac Vine, Journey (Recreation)
*Parents please contact your team coach or school AD for questions regarding the league.

  • Scores must be submitted to the commissioner by November 25
  • Home team please submit scores to Commissioner.
  • Games are 4 x 8 minute quarters.
  • Game time 3:45 sharp or sooner if agreed by all (including officials).

Coaches Handbook

2021 Pools

Pool A Pool B
4 Team Round Robin 4 Team Round Robin
Spencer Monterey  
Glanford Arbutus 
PCS 6s Lansdowne  

2021 Grade 6/7 Girls Competitive Schedule

 Updated Oct 25th

Tuesday, October 26th (Week 1) Exhibition Games
Monterey @ Spencer Glanford @ Arbutus
PCS 6s @ Lansdowne SMUS @ PCS 7s
Tuesday, November 2nd (Week 2) Exhibition Games
Monterey @ SMUS Arbutus @ PCS 6s
Lansdowne @ Glanford PCS 7s @ Spencer


Tuesday, November 9th (Week 3)
Spencer @ Glanford Lansdowne @ Monterey
PCS 6s @ SMUS Arbutus @ PCS 7s


Tuesday, November 16th (Week 4)
SMUS @ Spencer Arbutus @ Lansdowne
PCS 6s @ Glanford PCS 7s @ Monterey


Tuesday, November 23rd (Week 5)
Spencer @ PCS 6s Monterey @ Arbutus
Glanford @ SMUS PCS 7s @ Lansdowne

Game location and order may change to accommodate host schools. 

Tuesday, November 30th (Week 6) Playoffs
Game times: 3:45 & 4:45

Game 1 –  PCS 7s (2nd Pool B) vs. SMUS (1st Pool A) @ SMUS

Game 2 – Spencer (2nd Pool A) vs. Lansdowne (1st Pool B)  @ Lansdowne

Game 3 –  Glanford (3rd Pool A) vs. Arbutus (3rd Pool B)

Thursday, December 2 (Week 6) Playoffs

 PCS vs Spencer 3rd/4th Place Game (Losers of Games 1 & 2)  @ Spencer 4:00pm SMUS vs Lansdowne 1st/2nd Place Game (Winners of Games 1 & 2) @ SMUS 4:00pm
Final Standings
2. Lansdowne

2021 Grade 6/7 Girls Competitive LEAGUE Results

6/7 Girls Competitive Current Standings

2021 Grade 6/7 Girls Competitive Coaches List

School Coach/Contact Email
Arbutus Megan Peddie
Glanford Brian Little
Jaimee Devlin
Lansdowne Rob Wighton
Todd Shroeder
Monterey Kamala Pilgrim
PCS 6s Jill Alcorn
Josie Degreef
PCS 7s  Jill Alcorn
Rosie DeBoef
SMUS Jackie Cunningham
Spencer Brad Lidstone
Ross Banister

2021 Grade 6/7 Girls Recreational Schedule

Detailed schedules are emailed to AD’s and coaches by Commissioner Zac Vine
Following is a list of tournaments hosts and participating schools.

Games start times are at 3:45 and tournaments end at approximately 6 pm.
Host team plays first and last.

Tuesday, November 2
Host School Participating Teams
Dunsmuir Royal Oak, Journey 1
John Stubbs St. Joe’s, Journey 2
Central SMUS, GNS 2
Gordon Head St. Margarets, Lansdowne
North Saanich GNS 1, Cedar Hill
Tuesday, November 16th
Host School Participating Schools
Dunsmuir Journey 2, GNS 2
Central Lansdowne, Journey 1
Cedar Hill St. Margarets, Royal Oak
Gordon Head North Saanich, John Stubbs
SMUS GNS 1, St. Joe’s


Tuesday, November 23rd 
Host School Participating Teams
St. Margarets GNS 1, Journey 1
Royal Oak Central, Journey 2
John Stubbs Dunsmuir, Lansdowne
North Saanich SMUS, GNS 2
Gordon Head Cedar Hill, St. Joe’s

2021 Grade 6/7 Girls Recreational Coaches’ List

School Coach/Contact Emails
Cedar Hill Matt Harris (AD)
Central Jade Taylor
Jason Owen (AD)
Dunsmuir Stacey Weir
Jamie Clegg (AD)
Tassy Davidson
Stephanie Owen
Gordon Head Cathy Nelson (AD)
John Stubbs Owen Summers (AD)
Journey 1 Zac Vine (AD)
Journey 2 Zac Vine (AD)
Lansdowne Todd Schroeder (AD)
North Saanich Jodi Beaudry
Maryke Jones (AD)
Royal Oak Adam Ravenhill (AD)
SMUS Jackie Cunningham (AD)
St. Joseph’s 1 Mitch Zuback (AD)
St. Margarets Dawn Ranns (AD)
Spencer Brad Lidstone (AD)
Ross Banister (AD)
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