Commissioner: Tassy Davidson, GNS tdavidson@mygns.ca

League Format:
– Round Robin within Pool (East/West Divisions)
– A full team consists of 7 players on the field and a maximum of four of one gender. There must be 5 players on the field. Team A has the option of declaring a default if Team B cannot field 5 players. Teams should play a full team if there are sufficient players.
– Games are played to 13 with a time cap of 120 minutes. Games must by won by 2 points with a cap at 15 points.
– Zone defense is allowed if both coaches agree.
– At the flip teams can choose to call side or offence/defense
– Footblocks are allowed if BOTH teams captains/coaches agree before the start of the game.
– Home team is responsible for submitting scores

2022 Pools

East Pool West Pool
Oak Bay 1
Mt. Doug
Maria Montessori
Royal Bay
St. Andrews
Edward Milne
Oak Bay B (exh only)

League Schedule:

East Pool West Pool
Friday April 8th
Mt. Doug @ GNS
Oak Bay @ Reynolds
Maria Montessori @ Spectrum
Esquimalt @ Belmont
St. Andrews @ Edward Milne
Oak Bay B @ Royal Bay (exh)
*games need to be rescheduled due to SD62 Pro-D
Wednesday April 13th
GNS @ Spectrum
Reynolds @ Maria Montessori
Oak Bay @ Mt. Doug
Belmont @ St. Andrews
Oak Bay B @ Esquimalt (exh)
Royal Bay @ Edward Milne
Friday April 22
Reynolds @ GNS
Mt. Doug @ Spectrum
Maria Montessori @ Oak Bay
Edward Milne @ Belmont
Equimalt @ Royal Bay
St. Andrews @ Oak Bay B (exh)
Wednesday April 27
GNS @ Maria Montessori
Spectrum @ Oak Bay
Reynolds @ Mt. Doug
Belmont @ Oak Bay B (exh)
Royal Bay @ St. Andrews
Edward Milne @ Esquimalt
Friday April 29th
GNS @ Oak Bay
Maria Montessori @ Mt. Doug
Spectrum @ Reynolds
Belmont @ Royal Bay
Edward Milne @ Oak Bay B (exh)
St. Andrews @ Esquimalt

League Results
See league results here

City Championships – Wednesday May 4th

2A Playoffs
MMA @ OBB (exh)
Winner is 2A South Island 1 and Loser is 2A South Island 2
MMA will be 2A South Island 3
3A Playoffs
RB (W1) @ OB (E1)
ESQ (W2) @ MD (E2)
SPEC (E3) @ EMCS (W3)
BEL (W4) @ REY (E4)
Winner is 3A South Island 1 and Loser is 3A South Island 2
Winner is 3A South Island 3 and Loser is 3A South Island 4
Winner is 3A South Island 5 and Loser is 3A South Island 6
Winner is 3A South Island 7 and Loser is 3A South Island 8

Island Championships

2A Island Championships Monday May 9th @ GNS
3A Island Championships Monday May 9th @ Royal Bay
* the number of berths the south zone will receive will be determined after the BCSS Roster Registration Deadline

BC Championships
AA & AAA May 26-27 @ Newton Athletic Park, Surrey

Coaches Contact Information

School Coach Email
Spectrum (AAA) Dom Butcher (AD)
Spencer Floyd
Belmont (AAA) Ryoko Sano rsano@sd62.bc.ca
Edward Milne (AAA) Evan Dudzik
Eliot Brady
St. Andrews (AA) Michael Durkin
Lily Blair (AD)
Maria Montessori (AA) Lee Patterson
Andrew Farrell
GNS (AA) Tassy Davidson tdavidson@mygns.ca
Oak Bay (A&B)(AAA) Dave Pettenuzzo davep@davepfinancial.com
Royal Bay (AAA) Jacob Wheating
William Stee
Esquimalt (AAA) Ange Coutts
Tim Zemanek
Mt. Doug (AAA) Luca Gaffney
Chris Ball (AD)
Reynolds (AAA) Trish Snowden trishshow@hotmail.com


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