Commissioner: Tassy Davidson, GNS tdavidson@mygns.ca

League Format:
– Round Robin within Pool (East/West Divisions)
– A full team consists of 7 players on the field and a maximum of four of one gender. There must be 5 players on the field. Team A has the option of declaring a default if Team B cannot field 5 players. Teams should play a full team if there are sufficient players.
– Games are played to 13 with a time cap of 120 minutes. Games must by won by 2 points with a cap at 15 points.
– Zone defense is allowed for league games if both coaches agree.
– At the flip teams can choose to call side or offence/defense
– Footblocks are NOT allowed.
– Home team is responsible for submitting scores
– New for 2023: Half time – first to 8 points or at the 35 min mark, half time will be a max of 5 minutes.

2023 Pools

3A East Pool 3A West Pool 2A Pool
Oak Bay
Mt. Doug
Royal Bay
Edward Milne
St. Andrews
Maria Montessori
Oak Bay B (exh only)

League Schedule:
Purple = Exhibition

3A West Pool 3A East Pool 2A Pool
Wednesday April 5th
EMCS @ Mt. Doug
Reynolds @ Royal Bay
St. Andrews @ Belmont
MMA @ Esquimalt
GNS @ Oak Bay
Bye – Oak Bay B
Wednesday April 12th
St. Andrews @ EMCS
Royal Bay @ Mt. Doug
Bye- MMA
Esquimalt @ Oak Bay
GNS @ Reynolds
Oak Bay B @ Belmont
Friday April 14th
Royal Bay @ EMCS
Belmont @ Esquimalt
GNS @ Mt. Doug
Oak Bay @ St. Andrews
MMA @ Reynolds
Spectrum @ Oak Bay B
Wednesday April 19th
EMCS @ Esquimalt
Belmont @ Royal Bay
Mt. Doug @ Reynolds
Bye – Oak Bay
Oak Bay B @ St. Andrews
Friday April 21st
Esquimalt @ Belmont
Bye – EMCS/Royal Bay
Mt. Doug @ Oak Bay
Bye – Reynolds
Oak Bay B @ GNS
MMA @ St. Andrews
Wednesday April 26th
Belmont @ EMCS
Esquimalt @ Royal Bay
Bye – Mt. Doug
Oak Bay @ Reynolds
St. Andrews @ GNS
MMA @ Oak Bay B

League Results
See league results here

Tier Playoffs April 28th & May 3rd

2A Playoffs
3A Playoffs
Friday April 28th
Site 1 Site 2
G1: 1st Pool W – Bye
G2: 3rd Pool W vs 2nd Pool E
G3: Loser G1 vs Loser G2
G4: Winner G1 vs Winner G2
G5: 1st Pool E vs 4th Pool W
G6: 3rd Pool E vs 2nd Pool W
G7: Loser G5 vs Loser G6
G8: Winner G5 vs Winner G6
Wednesday May 3rd
G8: Winner G3 vs Winner G7 (5th/6th)
G8: Loser G4 vs Loser G8 (3rd/4th)
G9: Winner G4 vs Winner G8 (1st/2nd)

Island Championships

2A Island Championships May 8-9 @ GNS
3A Island Championships May 8-9 @ Dover Bay
* the number of berths the south zone will receive will be determined after the BCSS Roster Registration Deadline

BC Championships
AA & AAA May 25-26 @ Newton Athletic Park, Surrey

Coaches Contact Information

School Coach Email
Belmont (AAA) Ryoko Sano
Bri Fitzgerald
Edward Milne (AAA) Evan Dudzik
Eliot Brady
St. Andrews (AA) Michael Durkin
Brian Nishi (AD)
Maria Montessori (AA) Lee Patterson
Andrew Farrell
GNS (AA) Tassy Davidson tdavidson@mygns.ca
Oak Bay (A&B)(AAA) Dave Pettenuzzo
Meena Sran
Royal Bay (AAA) Brian Hobson (AD)
William Stee
Esquimalt (AAA) Ange Coutts acoutts@sd61.bc.ca
Mt. Doug (AAA) Luca Gaffney
Chris Ball (AD)
Reynolds (AAA) Trish Snowden trishsnow@hotmail.com


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