2011 LIMSSA AGM Minutes

LIMSSA AGM – June 16, 2011: Abridged & Un-adopted Minutes

  1. Roll Call 1:00pm
Name School Name School
Nancy Mollenhauer St Michaels Dian Mackinnon Journey
Bruce Kuklinski St Michaels Charlotte Haley John Stubbs
Samantha Butler St Patricks Gabe Levesque Central
Todd Bergeron Cedar Hill Kelly Rimmer Colquitz
Topher Macintosh Shoreline Brett Johnson Colquitz
Robin Glendinning St Joes Kevin Mennie St Andrews
Dave Backhouse Rockheights Tom Aerts Cedar Hill
Karen Evans Monterey Shawn Edwards Gordon Head
Ken Andrews Lansdowne Vic Daniels Spencer
Duncan Brice GNS Deb Whitten Monterey
Marianne Lidstone Lansdowne Yeta DiLalla Treasurer
Brenda Rushton Glanford Kris Johnson Dunsmuir
Eric Stoehr Bayside Gabe Kremler PCS
Deb Secco St. Margarets Angus Stewart Royal Oak
Nadine Stofer North Saanich Alex Lemon Arbutus


  1. Adoption of Agenda

Motion: Samantha Butler Second: Kelly Rimmer

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting (AGM 2010)

Motion: Kelly Rimmer Second: Eric Stoehr

  1. Business Arising out of the Minutes


  1. Correspondence
    1. VBOA fees for next year

Heather Lederis: letter was sent to basketball officials re: not paying 2 officials for grade 6 games – response from VBOA (Mike Lee, President) two proposals:

  1. Reduced fee for officials for $32/official for single game or $27/official double header; one official would be OK but up fee to $44/official.
  2. Reduce games to 4 x 6 min quarters with reduced fees

8 minute quarters & two officials could be used for playoffs

We need to let them know our preference before basketball season.

MOTION: to have one referee at the 6/7 competitive level for the regular season and two officials for playoffs.

Motion: Samantha Butler Second: Gabe Kremler

CARRIED unanimously


  1. President’s Report – Gabe Levesque


  1. Board of Governor’s Report


  1. Athletic Coordinator’s Report – Heather Lederis

Thank you to all ADs. Statistics are fairly consistent with last year. A couple of new member schools = growth in numbers. New website will launch next week www.lowerislandschoolsports.ca. Booster club: may get a student next year to help with this.  Team Sales and Wilsons are major sponsors. Wilsons is offering member schools 20% discount.  All jamborees must be after school.  Some schools had girls playing on boys rugby teams this year; schools must go through the process of appealing to have their girls play on boys teams.  Fall job action: the official position is that extra-curricular is status quo – if people choose not to coach and/or attend meetings, that is a personal decision.  We won’t be shutting down leagues because coaches make a personal decision not to continue.  Leagues will continue even if school or individuals opt out.  That is phase ONE; we will have to wait and see what happens after that.  Leagues will be created based on who attends meetings in the fall.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Yeta DiLalla

School accounts are done and will be circulated.  Anticipates that the membership fee will be zero dollars. Board of directors meeting on May 31st: budget for the athletic coordinator’s office was passed for next year.

Heather: we don’t know what the fees will be next year because we have to wait for enrolment.

Yeta: last year enrolment went down by more than 400, same with the previous year.  There is definitely a downward trend; the per student cost will go up.  It has been $3.05 for 3 of the past 4 years.  Next year could be as high as $3.40.

MOTION: that the proposed budget be passed.

Motion: Yeta DiLalla Second: Gabe Kremler



School accounts: a lot of schools will need to pay this year because of the increased fees; this hasn’t been the case in the past.


  1. Resolutions
    1. 1. Ratification of Changed use of Membership Fees

i.      Gabe L: this resolution proposes that funds existing in the membership account for audit expenses be used to subsidize the coaches’ appreciation banquet – keep the cost of a ticket at $35.

MOTION: be it resolved that the membership ratify this action taken by the LIMSSA executive to use up to $470 of LIMSSA membership fees for banquet expenses for the 2010-11 school year.

Heather: the expense of audit has been taken away because SMUS has offered to do our audit this year.  That is worth $4000-$5000. We are hoping it might rotate among the independent schools in coming years.

    1. 2. Membership Fees

MOTION: be it resolved that membership fees every other year will be calculated to include amounts for coach appreciations as well as the usual categories of meeting expenses and retirement expense.

Motion: Gabe Levesque Second: Yeta DiLalla



    1. Seasons of Play

MOTION: be it resolved that the sport of soccer be part of the LIMSSA sport offerings and run in the same season and in a similar format to the 2010/11 season.

Motion: Duncan Brice Second: Samantha Butler

Duncan: we had this discussion last year, my position is the same this year: soccer can field the most number of kids with the least amount of equipment, we should be doing it the most.  Understand the counter argument that the season is too short but from a participation in school perspective, soccer must stay.

Samantha: as a middle school association, this is our opportunity to introduce a number of sports to students.  If a school can’t accommodate all sports, then don’t participate in all sports.  We need to offer as many sports as we can.  Lots of kids can play and we don’t have to have as many coaches.

Karen: was at the seasons of play meeting.  Agree that the sport is great but last time we watered it down so much that the effort wasn’t worth it for schools. When parents see that the sport is offered, and want their kid participating, it is impossible to say that the school is not participating.

Kelly: found that there wasn’t enough interest at Colquitz to field soccer teams in LIMSSA. So many students were playing outside of school.

Heather: there is nothing to stop any school from putting together an invitational tournament in any sport.  There was a feeling that if there were LIMSSA commissioners there is a lot more man-power involved and a lot of work for limited time out.  There are options: have the sport but not be part of the formal LIMSSA program.

Kris: to take it out is a detriment; soccer allows the most students to participate.  As ADs we need to take the pressure from parents and decide not to offer it at our school if it doesn’t make sense.  School is where we offer people opportunities without as much financial commitment.

Shawn: quite liked the small 3 tournament format to be simple and easy and at GH had bigger participation; kids who normally wouldn’t participate were willing to make the smaller commitment.

Marianne: this year there were only 2 fewer teams, suggests that soccer is still popular.  Lansdowne only fielded one team this year but could have more next year.  Would hate to see soccer removed totally.  Soccer is offered in the high schools and we need to allow students to try it out at the middle school level.

Duncan: girls soccer is a big deal at GNS; making it a side sport is a step backwards for keeping girls active.

GabeL: one of the suggestions from the final reports was that 6/7 boys soccer be moved to the spring.

Tom: what happens to the seasons of play if soccer is voted in?

Heather: it would be added back in the same way it was last year.

Heather: we could leave the vote until after the vote on the seasons of play; we could see how it all fits together.

Sam: could we amend the resolution to just include soccer and discuss the format later?

AMENDED MOTION: be it resolved that the sport of soccer be part of the LIMSSA sport offerings and run in the same season.

Motion: Duncan Brice Second: Samantha Butler


(4 opposed)


Heather: we need a motion on the number of tournaments to have in soccer.  The first tournament last year was too early and most people opted out so we ended up with 2.

Samantha: what about 3 tournaments in weeks 4, 5, and 7? 2 weeks to get sorted is plenty of time, start on the 3rd week.

Nancy: so start the week of the 19th?

Sam: it was an issue for some schools last year.  Tournament 2 would be the 26th and then the 3rd tournament the week of the 3rd.  Three in a row.

MOTION: that soccer have three tournaments during the weeks of September 19th, 26th, and October 3rd.

Motion: Gabe Levesque Second: Nancy Mollenhauer



    1. Designated Seasons of Play

Dian: can we look at the first week of May which is field hockey, rugby, badminton, and track and field?

Kelly: it was dependent on spring break which is different in each district.

Gabe: note that there would be a one week overlap of cross country, soccer, and basketball.

Marianne: why is basketball 8 weeks and others are 5 weeks?

Gabe L: we had discussed the popularity of the sport and decided to have rec tournaments on alternate weeks.

Marianne: would competitive start in week 1?

Kelly: yes, practice would be before week 1.

Karen: the idea was that if competitive got going two weeks earlier, it would be easier for coaches to make decisions re: rec and competitive.  Once competitive teams are committed and started, recreational teams can come together.  Would help reduce the number of drop outs in both divisions.  Signing up for all divisions at the first meeting leads to more drop outs.  A couple of extra weeks of competitive prep would give coaches a better idea of numbers before they have to commit.

Heather: some teams dropped out because they had entered the wrong league – didn’t feel like they really belonged in the competitive league after all.  The extra time will help people be clear on their numbers.


MOTION: that the seasons of play calendar be updated as amended for 2011-12

Motion: Duncan Brice Second: Kelly Rimmer


    1. Out of Season Competition 8.4

Heather: this policy has gone by the wayside because our rules can’t really describe activity outside our parameters. This says that it is a good idea to inform parents if you are going out of season for liability reasons.  Basically, in season sports must have priority and these issues be worked out at a school level where they arise.  It is up to the membership if we update our rules now or wait for another meeting.

Kelly: let’s do it now.

Heather: clarified – it is only competition that is legislated, not training.

If we don’t want to vote now it’s no problem, the policy is not hurting us it is just out of date.


MOTION: that the policy be rewritten as follows (attached).

Motion: Gabe Levesque Second: Dian Mackinnon



  1. Sport Commission Reports
    1. SPRING

i.      Badminton

  1. This year was status quo.
    Thirrell at ROMS will carry on next year.

ii.      Field Hockey

  1. Report attached.  There were 3 conflicts with track and field.  Proposed dates for next year create 4 conflicts (FH is Tuesday/Thursday). Heather: the high schools use the track Wednesdays so we would have to go Mondays to avoid conflicts.  Some indication that rides etc. would be a problem to organize for Mondays.

Nancy will continue next year.

iii.      Rugby

  1. Report attached.

Bruce will continue next year.

iv.      Track & Field

  1. No report.  Heather: There are some recommendations for T&F and they will be brought to a meeting in the fall. Tom: would like to talk about doing the meets differently, can that be talked about now? Heather: if it is a change in format, it should have been proposed in a motion.  Could be done for the fall meeting? Tom: would like to look at identifying different schools for different meets to lower the commitment level for students and coaches.  GabeL: that is a major change that should be looked at in a motion. Karen: he is proposing four meets where half the schools go to meets 1&3 and half to meets 2&4.  Heather: let’s talk about it in a follow up meeting well before the T&F meeting.
    Arbutus & Cedar Hill next year.
    1. FALL

i.      Cross Country – Gordon Head and Journey

  1. Marshalls for final race: St Andrews

ii.      Rowing –

iii.      Basketball 6/7 Girls – Shoreling

iv.      Basketball 6/7 Boys – Colquitz

v.      Basketball 7/8 Girls – Bayside

vi.      Basketball 7/8 Boys – PCS

vii.      Soccer 6/7 Girls – Central

viii.      Soccer 6/7 Boys – Lansdowne

ix.      Soccer 7/8 Girls – North Saanich

x.      Soccer 7/8 Boys – GNS

    1. WINTER

i.      Volleyball 6/7 Girls – St. Margarets

ii.      Volleyball 6/7 Boys – Glanford

iii.      Volleyball 7/8 Girls – John Stubbs

iv.      Volleyball 7/8 Boys – Dunsmuir

  1. Designation of Officers for Next Year (Executive)

*Re-evaluation is to take place next year*
District Reps:

61: Monterey

62: Journey

63: North Saanich

Ind: St. Patricks

  1. Committee Reports
    1. Coach Recognition – volunteers for Committee and date for next year:
      Volunteers for next year:
      Date: Yeta – will likely come up at the banquet tomorrow night. Options: 15, 22, 8.  Indication that the 8th would make more sense.  Yeta: that may conflict with the Uplands golf tournament.  Will try to tentatively book the 8thHeather: Is it time to look for a venue with more space? Capacity is 196 at uplands.  Turned away at least 10 people this year. Tom: should an email go around to see if anyone can’t make is last minute – we could allow a few more people to come.  Heather: will send out an email tonight.


Adjournment 3:02pm

Motion: Samantha Butler Second: Duncan Brice

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