LIMSSAA Eligibility Appeal Application Form


LowerIslandMiddle School Sports Appeal

 for an Exception to Eligibility Polices for Participation

School:______________________          date:________________

Sport:_____________________( include level)__________

Student name:___________________________________  grade_________

Reason for appeal:
(which rule is being appealed and why does the school wish to have an exception to LIMSSA eligibility rules). Additional info to be attached.


Supporting information:

1.Does the opportunity exist for the student to participate in the  “standard” participation category for this sport?


2,  Have Parents been advised of the  general risks associated with  the sport?_____

Have Parents and student been advised  by the school as to the reasons for the existing participation categories (age and gender) and the possible implications of playing outside the designated category?________

3. School Support of appeal:

Will participation of this student require modifications to the participation of team mates or players from other schools to ensure safety?  ________

Have safety concerns, if any, been addressed?   ________


_______________________________________________School Administrator’s signature

_______________________________________________Coach signature

_______________________________________________Parent’s signature

Please submit to Athletic Coordinator’s office     Fax: ( 250) 658-6671 or email:


–           Students may not participate in a game unless eligible.

–           Appeals will be reviewed within 1 week of being received.

–           Appeal information must be included, as requested above.

–           The school administrator and school athletic director will be notified in writing of the decision of the Executive.

–           League Commissioners to be informed on the outcome of the appeal.

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