Grade 6/7 Girls Soccer

2018 Commissioner:  Ian Snider   Rockheights

Website will be updated with 2018 season details in early September

2017 Commissioner:  Ian Snider   Rockheights

  • Game start time is 3:45 and game day is Tuesday
  • Detailed schedules are emailed to AD’s by Commissioner as they become available
  • Following is a list of tournaments hosts and participating schools

Detailed schedules are available from your school coach
Coaches please confirm all games the day before the tournament.


September 26 Tournaments:

Recreational 9 teams:

4 at Central (Central, Lansdowne, SMUS, GNS)

5 at Glanford (Glanford, Pacific Christian, St. Josephs, Spencer, WLSS)

Competitive 6 teams at Cedar Hill (Arbutus, Cedar Hill, Monterey, Royal Oak, SMUS, St. Pats)

October 17  Tournaments:

Updated October 3:


9 Teams

3 at Central (Central, Spencer, Pacific Christian)

3 at WSANEC (WSANEC, SMUS, Glandford)

3 at Lansdowne (Lansdowne, St. Josephs, GNS)


6 Teams

3 teams at Gordon Head (Gordon Head, Cedar Hill, St. Patricks)

3 teams at Royal Oak (Royal Oak, SMUS, Monterey)

2017 Coach List

Name School Email
Paul Stevenson Lansdowne
Tassy Davidson

Duncan Brice


Pat Chambers North Saanich
Libby Pytela

Micha Seaberg


Tim Harris WSANEC
Samantha Butler

Angela McLeish

St. Patricks

Jason Owen Central
Jackie Cunningham Arbutus
Leanne Bilous

Laura Boyce

AD Kyla Pelletier


Ian Menzies Royal Oak
Laurissa Keeler St. Josephs
Lana Rud Monterey
Nancy Mollenhauer SMUS
Gabe Kremler Pacific Christian
Paul Hayes Cedar Hill
















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