Cycling Forms

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LVISSAA & LIMSSA Cycling League

By signing this you acknowledge that you give permission for the student to participate and are aware of certain risks – Please Read Carefully. Participation in the Schools Cycling League, organized and governed by the Lower Vancouver Island Secondary Schools Athletic Association and the Lower Island Middle Schools Sports Association.

Requirements and expectations for participants of inter schools competition:
EXPECTATIONS: School Athletics are an extension of the classroom, and carry the same moral and legislative obligations for coaches, athletes and spectators. Cyclists are expected to:

  • Treat opponents with respect
  • Play hard, but within the rules
  • Exercise self control at all times
  • Respect the decision of the officials without gesture or argument
  • Win with humility, lose with dignity
  • Show that it is a privilege to represent their school and communit
  • Recognize and applaud honestly and wholeheartedly the efforts of teammates or opponents regardless of colour, creed or race

Students and parents are responsible to familiarize themselves with LVISSAA and LIMSSA rules found at

Name of Student: _______________________________

School: ___________________________________

This is to certify that ____________________________ (name) proposes to participate in competitive

inter- school cycling for _______________________________ (school name)

Coach Name: _________________

Parent or Guardian please sign below to indicate:

  1. Your child participates with your full knowledge, and
  2. You and the student named above have reviewed Association rules governing participation
  3. You know of no medical reason which would prohibit such participation

Parent Name: ______________________ Parent Signature: ______________________

Date: ______________________

Acknowledgment of Risks
I am aware and understand that the sport of cycling has inherent dangers, hazards and risks (collectively called “risks”). The following is only a partial list of examples of these RISKS

  • site hazards
  • equipment failure
  • negligence of LVISSAA/LIMSSA
  • travel to and from race site
  • remote race courses
  • sustained rigorous physical activity
  • improper use of equipment
  • collisions with man made or natural objects or other cyclists or bystanders

I understand that injuries resulting from such RISKS are a possible occurrence of the School Cycling League.

I acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the student to participation within his/her limits and to place safety before all other considerations.

I understand that it is the responsibility of the student to have a mechanically safe and sound bike. I understand that the race day bicycle check might only detect gross mechanical faults and is performed by league officials and not trained mechanics.

Witness signature ____________________

Date signed _____________

Signature of participant _______________

Signature of Parent / Guardian _________________




Athlete Registration Form

LVISSAA & LIMSSA Cycling League
Athlete information and regitration

School:            _________________________________

Coach:             _________________________________

Phone:             _________________________________

Email:              _________________________________

Note: a student is classified in each category on the basis of their grade and ability.

  • LVISSAA (High School)  – Grades 9 – 12
  • Sr B= Beginner Sr I – Intermediate Sr A = Advanced
  • LIMSSA (Middle School) – Grades 6 – 8
  • M B= Beginner M I – intermediate M A = Advanced
Name M/F School Grade Category Waiver Year of Birth

***LVISSAA riders must be registered with BCSS. It is the coach’s responsibility to check the eligibility of their riders, with the school’s athletic director. You may not carry riders from any school other than your own. We cannot register your team without complete information.

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